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for A Black Name

11/10/2014 c1 1SomeKindOfFan
I like it!
6/12/2011 c1 23namjai
I like this - it's a believable interpretation for why Tonks spurns her first name.
10/6/2010 c1 TuesdayNovember
That was lovely! Quick, snappy, to the point, but well written and very good.

Great job! =)
5/8/2010 c1 15Seravia
Me likes. :) It gives some nice insight into why it is that Tonks hates her name so much. I like the title, it doesn't give anything away, but it makes sense after reading the fic. I love those kinds of titles.


P.S. I didn't think you were dead... *coughcough* :P
5/8/2010 c1 34ameliasanatomy
I like this, even though it's really short =] I think you got into Tonks' head well. Good Job :)
5/8/2010 c1 82Bittersweet x
Very, very good and IC. :)

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