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for The kat who loved me

1/16/2020 c6 Guest
Ok so...this is about the most BIZARRE thing I've ever read, but I'm assuming you were rather young when you wrote this so congrats! You should be proud of your younger self for having enough courage to post your work online, I hope this was a positive experience for you and, if you've continued to write, I'm sure with about 10 years of experience you're a pro! The whole "Making Kat a girl made the story fluffier and sweeter!" was odd, but I'm gonna go ahead and give you the benefit of that doubt that you've grown out of such beliefs. Anyways, I wish you luck with your future endeavors!

No, I dont know how I ended up here either. I just wanted to make sure I didnt hallucinate the Kid vs Kat movie where Kat had a Russian love interest.
11/24/2019 c5 Bb34
8/28/2018 c5 Cody Nye
Ok it's crazy, weird but some how fitting.
7/25/2012 c6 domino
Is very beautifull and complete.
Es una gran historia !tu si tienes buenas ideas/historias al escribir!
te felicito por esta historia y ojala puedas hacer mas
6/2/2011 c3 Trashman
Hmmm, it's a good story but the plot changes from the show a little bit. Of course, given the nature of this story that's kind of expected.
6/2/2011 c2 Trashman
Nice chapter, I especially liked how you suggested that Kat has had a crush on Coop for awhile before this story began.
6/2/2011 c1 Trashman
Wait, is Kat a boy or a girl?
5/25/2011 c5 2Iamnoone2
I KNEW IT! I just knew you were gonna put a roadrunner reference in somewhere!
5/25/2011 c4 Iamnoone2
Adorable, an amazingly romantic scene. Of course my testoterone won't let me say much past that. lol.
5/25/2011 c3 Iamnoone2
oh dammit, sorry honey I've gotta go, your brother is...OH DAMMIT!"

5/25/2011 c2 Iamnoone2
Wow, i'll never watch this show the same way again.
5/25/2011 c1 Iamnoone2
I looked at the reviews and most of them say that you confused Kat's gender a lot. You did, but you didn't do it enough to actually throw me off...too much.
5/18/2011 c5 175sheaflower98
After I read this, it made me look at the show completely different. COOP + KAT 4EVER!
4/28/2011 c5 Guest
Perfect ending, thank you for allowing me the pleasure of reading this story.
4/28/2011 c4 Guest
So romantic, i'm sure anybody would melt after reading this.
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