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9/5/2010 c19 48Dreamer1985
I'm not sure what to think of Elizabeth at the end. I vote for her staying gone.
9/5/2010 c3 Dreamer1985
can't stand that bunch. I'm with Roarke.
9/5/2010 c2 Dreamer1985
interesting so far.
9/5/2010 c1 Dreamer1985
ya, he doesn't share much,does he?
6/9/2010 c19 12LadyMarianne123
IF there is a sequel (and I'm not saying there is) it would be after the episode the character of Elizabeth Bathory appeared in. From a timeline perspective (and I should have made it clear in the story - darn it!) this story probably occurred after Roarke's marriage and the death of his wife (that way I don't have to explain around her), just long enough away that he wouldn't be upset at Raul's matchmaking but close enough he wouldn't consider Maggie as anything but an unusual guest.

Not saying what will happen after - but then you never know in fantasy do you?
6/9/2010 c19 136MagicSwede1965
Hmm...I smell a sequel coming! It's gonna be interesting to find out what happens between Roarke and Elizabeth. One question: will that story be set before or after the episode "Unholy Wedlock/Elizabeth"? (Sorry, I'm a timeline freak!)
6/3/2010 c16 MagicSwede1965
Boy, when I got to the end of this chapter all I could think was, "Whoa!" The mystery deepens...can't wait for more!
5/22/2010 c10 MagicSwede1965
This should be really fun...you've brought in one of my favorite episodes with the mention of Elizabeth BathorĂ½! Always loved that one. Can't wait to see what you do with it!
5/20/2010 c9 MagicSwede1965
I've been having such a great time "sneak-previewing" this story as I beta it, which makes it hard to leave reviews sometimes, but I wanted to let you know I'm enjoying it...and really anticipating the parts that take place on the original FI! Hope to see more very soon, and have some mysteries solved!
5/15/2010 c1 Misheemom
This is a nice surprise to see another FI fan writing FF. While I admit to being a die hard fan of the original FI for years, I am liking 1998 version of FI that I've been able to see posted on youtube. That said, your story is well written so far. I think it's interesting and brave to write about the coexistence of the two islands. So far what you've written has kept me checking back here daily to see if you've posted more. Keep up the writing.

Don't worry about whether or not people are posting reviews. A lot of people are shy about reviewing and don't do so. Also, some people like myself are better waiting till the story is posted as a whole...

Anyway, I hope to see more posted soon. :o)
5/9/2010 c1 MagicSwede1965
I've really been enjoying this story so far...I hope others on here will discover it. I'm looking forward to seeing how things go on the original version of the island!

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