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1/21/2011 c2 2Rapter267
good and very accurate
7/26/2010 c2 1Demon Naruto 117
this looks like a good story i was looking for one where the rookie was the main character the slight romantic angle is also a bonus keep going.
5/20/2010 c2 5Charlie Sierra
You don't have to capitalize 'The' when you say 'the Brute'. You also say 'The Brute' way too often. Pronouns my friend, pronouns.
5/11/2010 c1 25Cmdr. Gen. Marasco
Not to bad, off to a good start. Like the idea that the Rookie had a girl somewhere (my idea was that she would have died during the battle of New Jerusalem, but this works to.)

See if you can find a way to explain his silence as well.

As for the switching, its really not that confusing if you know that the Rookie's inieials are JD (from his serial number)

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