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4/8/2018 c1 Guest
It was great. All I had to do was replace dylan's name with Fang's and it was perfect, because mylan is disgusting. FAX FOREVER!
4/6/2018 c1 Darlene Amazia
Holy shit That was amazing and so life like. It's like it was actually part of the books. Man Fang is such a loser compared to Dylan. Dylan is way more sexier than Fang, so Max deserves Dylan not Fang.
4/5/2018 c1 Darlene Amazia
You are truely amazing. This story is so life like.
3/3/2017 c1 Guest
7/1/2015 c1 jessasrevenge
I though this was really good. Really realistic and truthful too, well for me any ways, and everyone else stop with the hate. Punks
7/1/2015 c1 Guest
I thought that was really good. Really realistic and truthful too, well for me any ways and everyone else stop with the hate. Punks
6/6/2015 c1 chocolate
You should write part 2
2/11/2015 c1 sjijps
what did you do ?
12/5/2014 c1 love
but I thought she love Fang how can she do the to him so sad:(:(:(:( am crying right now
8/11/2014 c1 2MaxFang4life
oh god that was so sexy
10/29/2013 c1 Guest
This is a very good fanfic, with not many grammar issues- that I caught. It made for good reading.
I write a lot as well, and I'm an experienced roleplayer, so I know a bit about this writing stuff. Keep up the good work, I hope, if you have written more, to find the fan fictions and read them. I have time to kill with not many good fanfics to kill it with.
10/26/2013 c1 some random girl
Hey I don't know whether to say awww or say ... Whatever I was gonna say but I will say I liked the story
7/2/2013 c1 nobody
Oh yeah, and everyone who's leaving the shitty reviews need to stfu. Ok that's it, bye.
7/2/2013 c1 nobody
Yay, Mylan! Although I am a Fax fan, I like Mylan too, and hate how everyone keeps bashing on Dylan. :( Keep up the good work! :)
3/17/2013 c1 4Makiavelli
i truly just stumbled upon this. but these reviews are mean. wether u are a mylan fan or fax. i care for fax personally, but im not saying nothin mean. so all of u need to build a bridge, and get over it. grow up. its not in the books, its fanfiction. so boo hoo, its a mylan story. if u dont like it, common xense says not to read it.
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