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7/15/2012 c1 13xSushii
It was a very cute story! I loved it :)
12/28/2011 c1 65Frog-kun
You know, I was watching D.Gray-Man with my brother and THIS VERY THOUGHT OCCURRED TO ME. As in, the one you explored in this fic. So I was looking for fics that explored the Lenalee/Komui dynamic and was stunned to find that you yourself had written on the subject I most wanted to read.

I love you, man. Seriously. And I love how you took a subtly different route and showed it through Lavi's point of view. It's a rare philosophical moment from him and I thoroughly enjoyed how you portrayed everything. Oh, Lenalee. I think I like her a little better from this.

(And yes, I am a douche. I decided to review your story even though you told me not to 8D You really should write more, you know.)

Oh, and I hope you have a good 2012 lolol!
5/10/2010 c1 9citatsce
When I first saw this story when you gave it to me to beta-read it, I thought it was Romance. Though, now that I read it again, it's well written and ahoy!: not romance. Though I don’t think putting this in the 'Friendship' genre is right, since the story isn’t focused on Lavi’s and Lenalee’s relationship, but rather Lavi’s thoughts on Lenalee’s character.

Also, (sorry I didn’t really catch this before) the beginning and end don’t really tie in together. For one-shots, there should be a common theme that seamlessly wraps the entire story up. In the beginning, Lavi is pondering about Lenalee’s smile, and then in the end it’s suddenly about Komui being the support for Lenalee. You could’ve made the change from one theme to another less abrupt and more gradual or focused on one theme alone.

Other than that, I like it. A lot.

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