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for A Change of Fate

2/9/2014 c13 Listener Of The Whispers
Um, the note that caused the hallucination was plans for a date. What did Light write this time? It would be kind of embarrasing to be thought of as gay by the guy recording it all for L.
2/9/2014 c5 Listener Of The Whispers
Technically they had the Death Note for seven days, not five, since you said at the begining five days later and two had already passed. This is the first fic I've read where the oc is gay, and I love the story so far (I love yaoi, so any character being gay is high up on my list).
9/19/2013 c7 OstensiblyInsane
I really hope this isn't a romance...
4/10/2013 c35 8duhorcommonsense
anticlimatic (which i can enjoy) but make them lovers for-crying-out-loud! they HAVE know each other for more than a year.
9/24/2011 c34 blaleblelelel
cool story i really like it, can't wait to read the rest.

wanna see some light/akira fluff *pouts*
5/24/2011 c15 14LaDyOfThEdArKeYeS
So far I have just one flaw to poin out in your story: you tell the action in a rushed way, with little description of the action

Don't consider this as flaming but as a form of constructive criticism okay? :)
5/24/2011 c14 LaDyOfThEdArKeYeS
I don't know if I'm supposed to say "That was awkward" or "That was creepy" O_O

Nobody mess with Akira... or else XD
5/24/2011 c7 LaDyOfThEdArKeYeS
Your character sure is very compassionate
5/24/2011 c6 LaDyOfThEdArKeYeS
Just the fact that Lind L Taylor doesn't die is a big twist =O

I wonder how L is going to get through this one XD
5/24/2011 c1 LaDyOfThEdArKeYeS
Not bad so far :)

I somehow like the idea of a "What if it wasn't Light/Raito the one who picked up the notebook?"

I myself have written that type of story XD

So far I can't make an evaluation on your character Akira, guess I'll just continue to read then ;)
12/11/2010 c34 18Nightwing Gurl
Okay, lets see...

As soon as I started reading this story, you have absolutely no idea how much I LOVED it! Loved your OC character so much! Akira is just so perfect for Light. He has a joyful and pretty fun personality that suits being around Light, oh and being a psychic was an amazing touch there.

I was enjoying this story to it's core with every single chapter, that is, until the Kidnapping part. Or shall I say since Light's personality changed. I don't like it at all. I want the old Light back, or at least part of him. (It's my opinion, I'm not telling you to change what you're planning it's your story after all) I'm just saying that things haven't really been as fun as it was before. Though the fact that Light finds L's presence annoying now and glares at him is pretty funny.

Anywayz didn't want to leave without a review. I'll still stick around for any updates. Just don't take too long.

12/4/2010 c34 4Potato-sama Kebab
Akira is awesome! He is now my most favorite O.C. I've also become quite an AkiraxLight fangirl (they're so cute x3).

Yes! BB is finally here! I was not expecting him to be in this but wha'dya know. Although this just means it's gonna get better =D.

I also like how Misa is actually normal. She's always portrayed as a crazy, physco girlfriend (which she kinda is, but still, she's just extremely affectionate xD). But now she's very nice ans sweet. I'm also starting to like Light more, he's not as careless as some ppl think (I've always liked him, just that I don't like it when he gets all mean and heartless with power. But in here, Akira calms him down before things get worse.). Great job.


1) No romance for L

2) Possibly romance for the Wammy boys

3) Possibly a love triangle (or just two) between the Wammy Boys and O.C. your thinking of

4) You said a wedding and family drama? Have Light do something embarrassing to Akira's family (That is, if he meets them, which he probably will...)(on accident...ex: spilling dark juice on someone with white clothing)...things could get interesting...

5) Have Matt and Akira become friends, talking about American videogames (if they meet).

6) (kinda like #5)Just put in a bunch of funny American-related things (like okey-dokey, I loved that)

7) Akira and Mello play a shooting game in a store full of hunting gear and Akira wins (or at least some type of game like that, and again that's only if they meet)

8) Show some of the action between Light and Akira

9) Akira takes L sweets attempting to help L not have nightmares (although of course it doesn't work, and I really wanna see if L goes O.O.C. because he is deprived of his sugar)

10) show some funny tension between Light and L and/or Light, L, and Akira

11) Matsuda walks on Light and Akira giving each other a kiss or something

12) same as #11, but it's Soichiro XD

Akira's family is so out there. I want to see their family drama/comedy (and wedding?). I'm lovin' it, it is one of my favorite update soon. I can not wait to read it all.

P.S. Do you know who deadxendxless is (or Beyond the Limit, e.t.c.?)? Because you described what Beyond pretty much looks like in one of his/her/their pictures...btw, in my advice (#5), I noticed I kinda sound like Ryuk... XD
10/18/2010 c34 7My Solitude
This is quite an interesting story.
10/17/2010 c34 309shadowcat9
Are you going to update soon? :3 Please?
9/21/2010 c1 Remnant
I have read it and the story is damn amazing, but i just want to see more chapters come out soon so i can see if Light ever regains his memory and if him and Akira ever be together, but other than that, excellent work, keep it up! :)
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