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for Orkhamma40k: In da Far Fyucha, Derez Only WAAAGH!

3/15/2015 c5 ULTRAMARINE59
This is hilarious. Please update soon. Orks are so funny.
2/21/2014 c5 1erching
a pity you dropped this
3/28/2012 c5 6theprincedonte
Very funny story so far; amusing how the governor actually tried to get the throw explosive tanks at enemy as a legit tactic. Speaking of which I feel sorry for his administrator assistant who has to put up with all of his 're-enactments'. As a side note are Lady Arynth and the others just random females or from somewhere?
2/14/2012 c2 1Aprion
so silly XD this made me smile. especially since i can totally picture it before my minds eye. the ork tech priest cracked me up completely XD fer da machine gubbinz.. no wait. spirits. XD

awesome work ^_^
9/16/2011 c2 11WolfPaladin
Awesome going xD!

Nice to see the Orks in a new light - and the Inquisitors for being the idiots that they are!
9/15/2011 c5 12Paladin Graith
Oh, dude! I have no idea what's more hilarious about this story! The orks, or the governer!
9/14/2011 c1 3Sigma Castell
OH MY GOD! That has to be THE funniest thing I have read all year. I feel like I have transcended the mortal plane of hilarity and reached Nirvana. You, my friend, are a comedic genius. This positibly oozes originality. Don't stop.

Sigma out
9/13/2011 c5 Ummm. What
Ok, what is this? Just how many... Mistresses... Does the govenor have?
9/29/2010 c4 5Alien26
I must say, you've raised much more than a chuckle for this story. Hilarious! Always fun to make orks do very silly things. I can't wait to see what other exploits these "men" will do next.

Also, the scene with the governor and his tramp was a riot.

Update soon!
6/13/2010 c3 23The Final Lament
very funny
5/28/2010 c3 4Haegr
Needs more dakka!
5/21/2010 c3 6Malcho1234
OMG! Hylarious! I was rofl-ing from the very beginning! I hope you make a new (and funny)chapter soon.
5/19/2010 c3 3IwriteThings
Oh man. This stuff is slaying me. Being an Ork myself, I personally love this entire story. Please don't stop.

I may just have to jump into the whole "Warhammer Fic" world!

You are an inspiration!
5/19/2010 c2 IwriteThings
I love Orks. Just started playing warhammer and my first army is going to be orks. Loved the story!
5/17/2010 c2 21Night Hunter MGS
Heh, ZAKKA-ZAKKA-ZAKKA. "ZAKKA! Juz liek DAKKA, but wif limidless soarsee 'uf ammo!"

This really is an entertaining little diversion. I wonder what would happen if a COMPETENT Iquisitor, like Amberly Vail, would do in this situation. "Indeed Governor, most impressive! I can tell that your troops are some of the finest I've seen. If it's not too much trouble though, could I ask for a blood sample from a few of them? Suspicions? Oh, no, not at all! It's just... well you see, I've rarely seen such stellar examples of a human fighting force. They're so impressive I'm inclined to take a few for my own retinue, but fear they'd be wasted there; you see I have some connections with the Astartes, and I can't think of a better group for them to recruit from... Yes, I'm aware of the honor and I'm certain your... boys would be of true value to the Space Marines. Oh, thank you for the sample, I'll send it to an Astartes Apothecary straight away to check and see if they're genetically viable for the Astartes process, which I have no doubt of but my friends amongst the Space Marines like to be sure of a recruit first you understand. Well this has been delightful, but I REALLY must return to my ship. I'll be back later for further inspections if you please, perhaps a dinner with you and some of your ranking officers, in commendation of their fine work? Thank you Governor, the pleasure has been mine." *goes back to ship in orbit, checks DNA sample in scanner* "Yep, confirmed Ork." *voxes captain* "Captain? Remember that cache of cyclone missiles in the hold that we're technically not supposed to have? I need an Exterminatus, NOW."

Wonder what madness you'll pull off next. FUR DA EMPRAH!
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