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5/18/2020 c2 Starlord Master
5/18/2020 c1 Starlord Master
Short but sweet.
12/7/2017 c2 Borello
this story is amazing. why you stop the story?
7/5/2013 c2 46Hikari Nova
please revive and update this
3/2/2013 c2 Silver Heart11DOOM
love it more plz
12/31/2010 c2 30Manga154
This is worth reading. Please keep going
12/12/2010 c2 2Harute Haptism
Interesting time-travel fic. I like how it doesn't solely revole around revenge. Update soon, I like where this is going.
6/15/2010 c2 2MusicNinja1010
Nice chapter! Just one question for the future, how are you going to the teams? it seems reasonable to put him with both ino and hinata because of this chapter and the harem idea. So... anyway thanks for the chapter and can't wait for the next :)
5/31/2010 c2 12Crystalzap
yay this is great keep it up! :)
5/30/2010 c1 Crystalzap
Um Naruto already knew the Yondaime was his dad so why was he so upset? or was he still just acting?
5/30/2010 c2 5draugeltheshadowhero
This story seems great so far can't wait for updates
5/29/2010 c2 1EbonPurlight
hmmm very good story but should have made more of a spaceing with everthing you piled up way to much to soon making it so fast like a sprint where a marathon would be better.
5/28/2010 c1 diamonddutchess
Good job...More space between sentences would make it easier to read and double check the grammer...good story
5/14/2010 c1 7T-Biggz
Cool, very cool. But you kept spelling Hiashi's name wrong the entire time you need to look them wrong so you don't continue to make others question your spelling.

Also I was wondering about the capabilities that the second chakra would give 'Arashi' and Naruto. Try to explain it a little better in the next chapter.
5/14/2010 c1 I'm Solo
No No No God No...This is NOT 2005 when NO ONE knew what Naruto's father's name was...It's 2010! Get it Fuking Right!
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