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4/16/2019 c12 x mikanatsu x
Wahhhhh ~ i like this story ... And i want natsume and mikan be together ... GO mikanatsu GO
5/14/2013 c12 Rhythm
8/15/2012 c12 victoriacarlson11
ne, ne... please updated it :3
8/9/2012 c12 Guest
... this is a messed up situation... the relationships make Mikan seem like a two-timer if someone saw that shes "going out" with two people who r best friends... i feel like mikan's head will soon burst due to this complication... anyways, UPDATE
4/21/2012 c12 1The Color of You
I really like it, if you are still continuing please write more!
6/19/2011 c11 AraChi35
oh please please please I'm beeging you please can you update already cuz i really got addicted to it! . pwease!
6/19/2011 c9 AraChi35
This chapter is so nice! XD
6/19/2011 c11 Kira Tobika
Wow... I really like this story! ^^ Has such a strong and interesting plot to keep me reading it. Ah... I wonder how Luna will react if she finds out Mikan is really that "Toya". Hehe...and I wish to see Natsume and Mikan slowly develop a closer relationshop~ 3 Kya. How romantic would that be, as they slowly fall in love~ but Mikan has to pretend to be Ruka's girlfriend, so I wonder. Only fate will make a plan, I guess.
6/18/2011 c11 2sEcretmiNdLoLITA
omg! UPDATE!1
3/13/2011 c10 5Kylee-Cat
What will Natsume do if he falls in love with our dear sweet Mikan? Especially since he thinks Mikan is Ruka's girlfriend...Hmmm.
3/12/2011 c7 2anaddictedreader143
oh my freaking gosh! i was absolutely dumbstruck at this chapter! please write more!
2/4/2011 c9 pwenie
omgomgomgomgomomg! so interesting ! update soon please :))
2/2/2011 c9 3DarkFlameInfernal
make more
1/15/2011 c9 CC
haa, nice~
1/8/2011 c9 ChloieLoves15
what a miserable day for Mikan
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