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for A crazy Valentines Day

1/15/2006 c1 4Fina Arvanthol
UGH! This is my third time trying to submit a review for this story; my first two were both so long, but this website keeps rejecting them for some reason. So, I'm going to try and rehearse the first one by memory as best as I can: Whoa! There is so much drama in your story. I didn't really care for the Gohan/Erasa relationship, but I thought Vegeta's character was absolutely hilarious. I have to agree with psymaster15 that the rap scene was the best part of the story. All I could picture was Vegeta standing on a random karaoke stage with some Z "bling" and an XL Fubu t-shirt. Too funny! The idea for your story was very cute, and I liked the overall gist of the story. Oh, and I don't really know why, but you have my fic "Zarbon's Slave" on your favorites list... uh, I understand if it's a mistake or something, but if it isn't, thanks, I think... Please review my stories too! :-)
1/15/2006 c9 Fina Arvanthol
Whoa. This story was pretty crazy. There was so much drama! I didn't really care for the whole Gohan/Erasa situation, but I loved Vegeta throughout the entire story. He was hilarious! (I have to agree with psymaster15; the rap scene was great!) Good work on the fic! Overall, it was pretty funny. (Did Trunks ever get together with Jessica? I'm not sure if I missed that or not... You could tell Trunks took after his father all throughout the story). Oh, and I'm not sure why, but you put my story "Zarbon's Slave" on your favorites list. If it turns out to be a mistake, that's cool, but if it isn't, uh... thanks! Please review my stuff too!
10/26/2002 c9 psymaster15
This was a strange but funny story. I liked the last chapter when Vegeta and Yamcha were rapping. That really cracked me up!
3/12/2002 c9 HaywireHakaze
*smirks* gotta love it!
3/6/2002 c9 Lilyangel1
Great story!

I laughed so frikin hard when Vegeta got those guns out! ^-^
3/1/2002 c6 Karma Mouse
hehe! yamcha hunting! if vegeta doesn't get to him first, i will! He's so mean!
2/24/2002 c1 PenguinPantz
I really like your story.. I cant wait until you write more! Its great!
2/21/2002 c7 dee
I liked it .I just not to sure on G and E.Other than that I thought vAnd B are funny.
2/19/2002 c2 HaywireHakaze
O.O Erasa... G-gohan... V-videl... Love triangle thingie... Goku and Veggie... Doghouse... Chi chi... PO'd... Bulma... Left to go somewhere... Yamucha... Master suite... Valentine's day... Ohh the humanity of it all!
2/18/2002 c5 ice elemental
well this is screwing about with all my favourite couples however it is very well done so i will put the chain gun down
2/17/2002 c4 1Crawford
This is soo good please write more
2/17/2002 c4 AShErsOfeD
o please please please continue! this is funny! i like it!
2/17/2002 c4 Pearl-chan
This is a good story. Continue it soon.
2/17/2002 c4 Karma Mouse
2/17/2002 c1 Karma Mouse
oh no! poor sharpner! how sad!
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