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12/6/2017 c7 Ian237
I thought this was from a novel then I realized this is a fanfic
11/5/2017 c6 1Hulk Fury
Very good story. I'm not sure if I wouldn't have done the same in his place.
9/27/2017 c7 Artemis Drew
These stories were great, and Breaking Point (1,2 and 3) was fantastic in imagery, I could see through Hiccup's eyes as he watched her from behind the corner being crushed. I could see it, I didn't even have to close my eyes, this was excellently written. However, the story could have gone without the coarse language. Other than that this was a well developed fanfiction. Thank you so much for posting this.
9/27/2017 c3 Artemis Drew
Hello! Wow, your last couple of chapters were very well-done. The description of diamond stars were just beautiful, I will never see they sky the same way! Diamond Stars. Wow, beautiful. Excellent detail regarding feeling and they aren't OOC, which is something I desperately have to work on myself. A stunning job, please write more soon!
9/25/2017 c4 Fanfictionist200
Amazing love it
9/24/2017 c7 Someone
Will you make a new "chapter"? And if so, when?
5/8/2017 c7 Guest
This is a super cute fan fiction the best I have read
5/5/2017 c3 1devufairy
it's so fluffy omg
3/9/2017 c7 1Hulk Fury
In all honesty though I can't imagine any boy being stupid enough to try and take advantage of Astrid.
2/26/2017 c5 Guest
dont f with Astrid take note
2/26/2017 c4 Guest
dam hiccup went all in this time...
2/26/2017 c3 Guest
hahahahahahahhaah omg that i funny.
1/18/2017 c4 20weesh
Oh my goodness! The first few chapters were fun and sweet but this one was HOT! I loved it!
1/9/2017 c1 Guest
Can you write a sequel to trapped?
11/15/2016 c4 Funtastic
Wow that was interesting it was so sexy
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