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8/2/2011 c1 20IncurablyAwesome
Huzzah~! :D This seems like a really good start ^^ Don't worry if your first chapter is too short; it's basically a prologue so it doesn't matter :D

So~! :D What does PKU stand for? For some reason, I keep reading it as 'PiKachU' XD Lol~! This just goes to prove that I am a total anime addict :'D

Anyway, yeahs ;D Please keep writing this :D :D :D I'd love to read your next installment :3

6/1/2010 c1 40scorpioryo
Hm... It sounds interesting, but it is short, and with not a lot details, it can be hard to keep readers inurested. But I'll definatly alert to it and see what happens!

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