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11/27/2022 c1 nowhoami
lets see how this goes bc i forgot everything tht happened in this fanfic nd cus i was in the middle of reading it too but its been months since i last read it soo im technically rereading it
5/14/2019 c7 nonsense
I hate you dear author :(
why should you break and hurt kaname so much I adore your story so don't get me wrong but it really makes me cry this is the fifth time I'm reading it and every chapter tears my heart more than the previous one
i love this fanfic and love your way of writing angst
soooooo plz complete it plzzzzz
10/30/2017 c16 Faery66
Hope to read more soon.

5/6/2015 c16 Guest
I hope he breaks up with his other wives because they just ruin the love story
4/24/2014 c16 Atikah14DC
I don't know you have separated your story. I'm sorry I've been so long never visited this site. but I'm glad that you didn't discontinue this story.
Kaname is soooo patient and unbelievably so trusting. he even believe that Zero give him the poison. I know Zero will never give up, but to give him the poison to kill Sara, I know he will never do it.
3/18/2014 c16 kanaeee
I agree with u sempai i was so disappointed with the manga after all the waiting for it 4 years to end it has to be a fucking ending, how absurd .
I became additcted to this story i fall in love again with it and reading this chapter make my day though it did give me a heart attack by the end and i almost die after reading ur posted comment "phew" I thought u would stop continuing this story Y.Y Dont do that sempai i'll follow u where ever u go and would keep reading ur stories no matter how long it takes to post one . From the bottom of my heart i wish u all the happiness and luck in ur life and i hope i u find ur inspiration and motives to continue spreading ur wonderful stories "smiles" just don't give up my friend u have uncountable readers who want to read ur fantastic stories though they might lost their way to reach ur story and follow it but in the end nothing matters as long as our author is satisfied and quite doing her best to pleased her reviewers and i thank u 4 that "hugs"

As usual very well written chapter and i totally like it mostly Kaname's part , knowing how willing he to sacrifice himself to save his husband and gives him the good opportunity to finish Sara though i find it quite disturbing and terrible to know that Takuma indeed found out where Kaname's whereabouts and kept silent abt it . and to make matter worse he intend to poison Kaname just like that like Kaname means nothing to them realy .
I still though think there is a reason behind his action or maybe he is jealous becuz Zero starts to love Kaname and he might lose his place in Zero's heart which makes me hate Zero more *.*
Kaname u did the right thing by drinking that poison now u can rest in peace instead of living another hellish day Y.Y
3/18/2014 c15 kanaeee
How could Zero make Kaname promise him sth like that its a cruel thing and how would Kaname handle all the brutal rapes and the savage beating happen to him and live with it like nothing happen thats realy harsh and tough and what realy makes my heart bleed that Kaname is still believing that his husband is gonna keep his promise to save him moreover sacrificing more of his body just to ensure yuuki's child safety .
I somehow feel Kaname's unconditional love toward Zero Y.Y however Zero doesn't deserve his love lookslike i still despise him can't he locate Kaname by using his blood bond or since he now is a pureblood doesn't he possess a hidden power or sth ... arrrrgh his neglecting to his health is pissing me off. How is he going to save Kaname if he doesnt care of himself and yet he had time to think where to spend his anniversary with Shiki damn him "hangs his pic and stabs him continuously"
I hope to see Zero suffer more in the next chapter physically and emotionaly "close eyes and prays" plz make him suffer more . I don't mind if this story had an sad ending as long as Kaname wont be with Zero again and leave him to find someone else who deserve his love .. I know its not going to happen but it dosen't hurt to wish otherwise nee . ! XD
3/18/2014 c14 kanaeee
WHAT! NO angst !O.O , but .. but .. i love ur angst of this story thats what kept coming back and read it more and more "sighs" i guess there is no other choice hmm i'll quit reading it then ...


I'd never do such a thing consider me ur faithful fan "thumps up"

Regard this chapter even though there was no angst i did feel kaname's pain there is no break from suffering poor kaname i'm dying to hug me highly "whispers to the author" "keep making him suffer i like it so much "

And now Yuuki is pregnant with Zero's child and thanks to her my Kaname is going to get rape continuously and get lots of beating . why does it have to be this way "cries" Kaname u are soo kind just eat her and end ur suffering she might telling u lies oh who am i kidding i'm mad now becuz it turns out that Sara was behind their seperate and destroying their marriage though i like her evil scheme . Lets see how Zero is going to save Kaname and will he accept Yuuki's child and marry her & how would be his reaction when he find out that Kaname didn't betray him ohh so much anticipation and secrets to reveal ...

Thnx 4 posting a delicious chapter love u sempaiii /
3/18/2014 c16 VK fan
Ive followed your fic for years so pls finish it
3/17/2014 c16 jrobinson72
I wanna cry at this...what's Takuma doing? I can't imagine Takuma would do anything to hurt Lamar or Zero...plz finish
3/16/2014 c13 kanaeee
Its late here and i dunno why i keep struggling to stay awake but i guess ur story is giving me the motive to keep reading by the way i think i review chapter 12 twice heheh thats a sign 4 me 2 continue later therefore i'm going to review this chap 4 now ..
I did a double check to see if i read this chapter correctly i'm realy confused did that woman said she has a big member ?! WTF O.O
heh he got expose by his brother lets see how is he going to justify his action XD I did ask 4 Sara to be in this story but i never thought she will be the villan in this story wow and she even got Kaname i hope he is going 2 be ok . God knows what Sara is cabable to do if she finds out abt his condition Y.Y
Thnx 4 writing such a great story Gewn senpai "smiles"
3/16/2014 c12 kanaeee
I object , why should kaname keeps asking for forgivness it should be the other way around and even if Zero forgave kaname i still hate him for how he treated kaname . I stongly protest i still want to be more angst in this story don't let it end here Y.Y.
Zero still needs to suffer . Does he think that since he now save kaname that everything is gonna be fine hell no, poor kaname he sucrifice too much and he wont be the same as be4 and how is that selfish husband gonna save him its against his rule and i didn't feel Zero in this chapter maybe becuz i didn't forgive him yet 4 what he did 2 my kaname .
I'm looking forward to meeting the new villain i hope he/she kill Zero "smirks evilly"
3/16/2014 c11 kanaeee
U never cease to amaze me ! "claps" Bravoo u broke the record of keeping me weeping 3 times with ur story , no one did that to me but here i am crying my hearts out also my eyes are red by now and i even get discoverd by my mother, such humiliation "hides face"

Idon't want zero to be that person i demand someone else other than him . make it Sara but whome am i kidding ofcourse it 'll be him since he now became a pureblood thnx to kaname .
Oh i wish 4 Seiren to decline what kaname said and revenge her master oh sweet Seiren i do like her in this story unlike someone else *.* Go Seiren go and take ur time slowely to bring the feather to zero XD

This chapter is a heart breaking i almost die when the doves ate kaname's flesh it was so horrible Y.Y
There is nothing Zero could do to repent his aweful treatment to kaname i wont him to live his life in regret and shame hohohoh
3/16/2014 c10 kanaeee
I'm speechless ... I never expected this turn of events . My poor sweet heart its getting cut with every harsh word that spoken 2 my sweet kaname and i never i reapeat i have never cried 4 a story be4 but now look at me "sobs" " looks around & hopes no one see me crying my heart out " why i'm not shocking when he ripped his heart out cause i knew he'll do it and sacrifice him self that ahoo kaname and now u are going to die "cries" I soo much hate zero plz i want ZERO to suffer and let him experince the pain that kaname had endured 4 many years .
This is realy too much and i can't accept it 2 end with kaname dying heck i can't even hate the author 4 making me feel this way cuz ur story is amazing and u 2 is an awesome writer and terrible person 4 making me cry Y.Y ... Keep up the good work
3/16/2014 c9 kanaeee
Oooh i fell in love with this chapter and i keep re reading it again soo wonderful did i say to u that i like ur writing styel? No! then alow me to say how i love ur writing of ur stories and how i feel their passion and grief , their sorrowful and sadness i love everyting in this sory and i salute u 4 that my friend _
its realy a great fic i ever read and i'm starving to eat ehh i mean read more let me read 4 the third time again *thumps up* u've done a good job with this chapter ,though it was agonizing reading it . i had to stop in every paragraph to maintain the strenght and courage to continue reading this chap, but in the end i manage to finish .
And now i'm dying to know what happen next ,, but not until i strangle stupid zero 4 the cruel thing he did to kaname God he never cease to annoy & anger me that baka .
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