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8/4/2011 c31 Princesa11
very funny... i loved it! update soon
3/20/2011 c31 Miss.Twilight.Crazy
amazing, fab, lovely, have a good time snowboarding xxx
3/18/2011 c31 1littlelizruth
ok that was way better than just pushing him off the sky lift! A+
2/26/2011 c30 Miss.Twilight.Crazy
your amazing, this is amazing and i cant wait to beta you yay xxx
2/22/2011 c30 littlelizruth
hehehe! oh i like where this is going!
2/22/2011 c30 xXTwilightLover159Xx
The food sounds good :) haha!

Loved the chp! Plz update ASAP. (:
2/19/2011 c29 3LuckyCharmed97
It's me, life'n'luck97 (Bich). I (finally) come back and review :)

Your writting style certainly changed. I cant describe how exactly but lets just say you're moving closer to an author than a person who write on a website :) congrats ^^

it's funny you write about snowboards an all just on the start of Sport Week Holliday in Sweden when everybody go snowboard and ski :) coincidents ^^

You might want to check some spelling though, sorry to drop that down, but dont worry, it's still easy to understand :)

Have fun with the snow.

This probably sound selfish but i hope it snow more in Colorado so you cant leave your house (hope you have food) and you can write more for your masterpiece :)

God that sounds terribly selfish. I take that back. :S
2/14/2011 c29 1littlelizruth
haha i hope she does push him off that would be fun!
2/14/2011 c29 Mireads
Very goog
2/9/2011 c28 littlelizruth
i love interactions with gay me! hehehehe! guys get so weired out!
2/5/2011 c27 ms.aubreycullen
wow...just wow! can't believe that chapter! I'm so excited for more so update asap!
2/1/2011 c27 littlelizruth
great surprize! great chap!
2/1/2011 c27 Miss.Twilight.Crazy
W.O.W! That was such an amazing chapter girly, how long did that take you? Right since i want to give you a REALLY good review, i will have to mark you on 1 misttake, just 1 spelling mistake, or u spelt the word right but i didnt reconise it, and i cant find it a second time... But that is all of my crtisim..THATS IT! Tis shows you that you are AMAZING, dont get urself down. Anyway, again i had to check through all of my stories, it still wont give me the updates for whoever has updated there story! im getting annoyed now! But as well as that...! Im going skiing This friday! but its with school, its still a holiday, in france.with snow, but hey, it will be funn! cant wait, so in the next day, or two, I will probialy (mind all of my crappy spelling, and my inapropreat language) update changes... edward pov! yay, we get to see whats in his mind! anyway, good to talk to you again, and wish me good luck in trying not to break my leg... ha ha xxx spk2ul8r xxxErikaxxx Yay long review! ly xxx
1/22/2011 c26 Miss.Twilight.Crazy
AMZAZING as always..., hope ur ok, my computer is being oh so VERY stuped or its ff, and there not sending me emails saying that people have updated a new chapter, so i now have to check them all every day! so looked through them today and saw u have updated urs, so i read it... and ur AMAZING! ly hope to spk2u soon xxx
1/20/2011 c26 littlelizruth
so excited! i love lifehouse!
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