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for Separate and Together Again

3/6/2013 c1 516Zarius
I know this came out a bit before the Death of Spider-Man prelude story where they DID get back together, but I just thought I'd congratulate you a make-up story told well. Pete and MJ's break-up after Ultimatium never made sense to me (much like a lot of Ultimate Peter's last few stories), and felt very out of character given the levels of commitment they had to each other before the flood hit New York. MJ trying to move on after thinking Peter was dead and not wanting to hang on for fear he'd turn up dead is a better explanation than the one we ended up getting (another tired "you're spidey and i can't cope" excuse we've heard a billion times)
5/18/2010 c1 1Clarisse the Wild
I think their makeup-scene was totally awkward, but other than that I congratulate you on this fic. I forgot who Gwen was, but considering how IC MJ and Peter were, I'm pretty sure you've managed to keep her in character as well. One more thing I could complain about was your description or lack thereof, but I understand that Word can be deceiving and short sentences appear much, much longer in it. Great job though, all in all!

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