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for The Disappearance of Tony Stark

12/13/2020 c14 5OracleGuessMe
okay i hated that pepper got raped i hate storys with that cause its sadly so near to reality but makes me wanna throw up. the story was god tho
1/14/2015 c13 2LillyHalliwell
Thank god for Rhodey!
1/14/2015 c9 LillyHalliwell
I can't imagine how frustrated everyone is about the whole thing. All I want is for Tony to remember and for the others to be ok!
1/14/2015 c3 LillyHalliwell
Please tell me that Tony forgot his memory and somehow ended up in NY! I hate seeing Pepper so miserable.
9/5/2013 c14 14Arihimew
Fabulous story! Love it much!

where's the next story btw? It sounds so interesting! I'd really love to read it. Please?
6/18/2012 c14 4lizb1813
Wow! I really enjoyed your story! Such a different spin on things! Very nice!

However, I thought the ending seemed rushed - I think you could've had a chapter or two detailing the rescue/after. Also, I'm not a sucker for jump ahead epilogues, but that's just me. LoL. :-P

Hope you're still writing! :-)
5/23/2012 c14 8mahwish1
Hey. I must say that I really enjoyed the story! :) I was wondering if you could send me the link of your story: "Old News".. I really really want to read it! :)
5/11/2011 c14 head in the clouds 14
Lol loved this story :)

Really cute
7/7/2010 c14 1LizKuchiki
Ohh..Yes, that was way too rushed. But I hope your next story will be awesome!
7/7/2010 c14 17Winteroses
AW:) I loved the ending:):)
7/7/2010 c14 7Nyrihaz
A bit short, but I am very happy they are okay and happy ^_^ The piece at the end, about her suit, was very nice :) Totally something Tony would say.

And, wow, isn't your dad awesome. 30 Seconds to Mars AND Linkin Park? Woo-hoo!

I am very teased by your teaser; Can't wait to see what that story is all about.


7/4/2010 c13 1LizKuchiki
OMFG! Rhodey...YES! What now what now? *goes insane*
7/3/2010 c13 11iwas13andiwantthisgone
First off. . . BEARDED DRAGON, YAYYY ! :D

What's his name ? xD

Second off . . . Pepperony YAYYY !3

Third off . . . these "off"s are sounding a bit weird, and are annoying me. ::shrug:: Anywho . . .

Fourth off . . . GO RHODEY ! WOOOOO !
6/30/2010 c13 17Winteroses
AW! I'm so happy Rhodey's their! Please update soon!
6/30/2010 c13 defendthefaithgoingdownswingin
Update update update!
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