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for Forbidden

5/3 c1 Violet
Jeez what the hell is wrong with this girl? So freaking temperamental for no good reason. And the way she just disrespect her parents, Seriously I may sound like a bitch but I honestly wanted her Mom or Dad to slap her. Can't believe they let her say nasty shit to them & get away with it blaming on teenage hormones.
11/17/2015 c17 KeepCalmAndBethylOn
Awww I'm so sad! Its 2015 and she made the last chapter in 2010 and nothing else! I'm so very sad!. I loved this so much! It was awsome! And even though it was never finished I still think its a pretty good ending but it bugs the shit out of me that it wasn't! Lol. To anyone who hasn't finished it and just realised it doesn't end at the ending, keep reading the ending is pretty good considering its supposed to be the end. And the wonderful story is to good to miss out on
8/1/2015 c17 36wordflows
I sincerely hope you continue this someday!
12/29/2013 c1 bekkivobekki
OMG please update! I really really love this story! And I don't really fancy twilight all that much anymore but your fanfic is just so amazing! please Update when you can!
10/1/2013 c17 Robin Sparkles
8/29/2013 c17 yesdiaz58
I can't belive I did this to myself.! Why just when it got soo good!
4/29/2012 c17 151Bendleshnitz
I don't know why I got tempted enough to read this fic and take a risk at falling in love with it when it's clearly abandoned... Don't worry! I'm really glad I did read it! I loved it so far and you made me fall in love with these two characters as much as the secondary characters (Oh, and hate the Uley family, lol). Great story! :D
3/28/2012 c17 shes-guilty-by-design
I love the take on the student/teacher relationship in this story! Love it!
3/11/2012 c17 44bluesargent
Are you going to update this? I really hope you do, this is the first Twilight fic i've read in so long and I just want more c:
2/3/2012 c17 Unknown Girl
This is by far my most favourite seth story...please update.
1/5/2012 c17 4citylights319
great story! update soon!
1/5/2012 c9 citylights319
1/4/2012 c17 mindless selfishness
I have to say, I hate most student/teacher stories, but you have done a stunning job. Please keep it up and update soon !
12/22/2011 c17 1crazycharl
Wow I'm hooked. Update soon please
12/19/2011 c16 1alynawt
please update this story! it is sooo good! i love it ! : )
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