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for I'll Meet You Where We Started Once Again

10/12/2021 c1 anatolealice
Lovely! A much nicer return to DC than what we got.
6/16/2011 c1 1cheysma2000
This was a great 1st fic. You definately got their characters dead on.
3/20/2011 c1 SouthunLady
I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish the show had started this way at the beginning of the season. I would have been much happier and able to watch it live instead of DVRing, like many others. Keep up the good work.
3/19/2011 c1 mindy.18
Great story
8/4/2010 c1 8WhereIsYourHeart10
oh my gosh, SO good :)
7/24/2010 c1 FinnFiona
I can't say I read many Bones stories, but this was truly lovely. You obviously have such a handle on the shows and the characters-and provide some logic to the confusion that was the end of this past season. If only things could work out this way for them! Love the little tidbits of influence from Angela as well-that was a nice touch :) Really, engaging writing style and a pleasure to read-well done!
6/2/2010 c1 2bloodyrose1294
Oh my god. write more stories. PLEASE! This was beautiful and you have a lot of talent that I can see.
5/25/2010 c1 1rbrown
I've been meaning to write you a review for a few days now. To start, let me just say I love everything about this piece. You know Bones. That's really clear, but this is also a well-polished romantic moment. Totally satisfying to Bones shippers such as myself.

The love the flow of the narrative, all of the little asides in parentheses and the flashbacks leading up to their reunion. The minimal dialog totally works. It seems less congested that way. There's a very visual feel to this. I like that.

I have really avoided reading all of the ALTERNATE ENDING type one shots that are just upset fans wishing for a different ending, but I liked the title of yours and this is definitely one of my favorite pieces/episode responses on here.

Well done, I hope you contribute more to the Bones fan fiction universe!
5/23/2010 c1 Kaz
Awww loved it, this summer is going to be another long one! Wish this really was going to happen!

Oh and I think you captured them and Angela perfectly ;o)

Kaz x
5/21/2010 c1 eacstl
I have to say this is story was very well written and I enjoyed all of it.
5/21/2010 c1 phifeversham
Great story! Thanks for sharing.
5/21/2010 c1 sonitera
nice! i like the line:"for them, it took seven years, not millions", but i didn't really enjoy the 'Hot Blooded'reference, to me, it seems too cliche and contrived ( but hey, that's just me!).
5/21/2010 c1 10XxNovellaxX
5/21/2010 c1 9fallenstarshard
5/21/2010 c1 Clare-smfc1877
Can't believe that this is you first Bones fic, it was so beautifully written and in character. Would love to see even a glimpse of this on the show :)
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