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7/10/2015 c5 42Genesis Vakarian
Amazing work on all five chapters.
10/13/2014 c5 Guest
oh god too much fluffiness i cant- 3
9/2/2014 c5 MorningAngel9
This was a great story. I loved it :D
7/31/2013 c1 PampaSenior
Woah, loved this one very much too. This is so sweet and well-written. I love so much how you portray Kaidan in your fics.
1/8/2013 c5 cznam
her mother is terrific ! i can't stop laughing. Your story make my day. Very good work.
8/18/2012 c5 11Letticiae
This was awesome! I guess Shep's mom wants grandkids... haha!

It takes so long for She and Kaidan to get together in ME1. If only Hannah or Joker would give them a push like in your stories... They could really use it!

Anyway, nicely done. The truck that wasn't really broken, Adrianna, jealous insecure Shep, it was all great! And I loved her kissing him while he was sleeping in the end!
7/20/2012 c5 rebelbridgeburner10
I know this is an old story, and you might not even use this site anymore (I'll have to check your profile) but I loved this story! Sexy without smut. Cute without being too cutesy. Perfect level of fluff. Glad I found it. (It was on someone's favorites list that I'm browsing-and will be going on mine too)
6/29/2012 c5 MissLiya
Oh my God, I simply love this story! Thank you so much!
5/24/2012 c5 ElizaHawke
Mama Shepard is so evil and devious!

I love her! Can she by mommy? Hahaha... This has got to be the best post ME1 shenko story i've read. I could not help smiling through out the whole story. I even screamed out 'Yes Shepard, we all admire our friends' asses' hahaha... Way too awesome. Thank you so much for sharing this story.

I salute you!
3/31/2012 c5 Lisa vas normandy
I love ur stories. This one had me laughing out loud

Like the other one that I had to go read in the front room so I didn't wake my boyfriend again. u have such a great sense of humor and I love the way u write bout kaidan. (he's my pixel crush) keep it up pls :-)
1/31/2011 c5 1indracon
D'aaaaaaawwww! This had me squealing and giggling like a school girl. I absolutely freaking without a single doubt love this to pieces!
8/18/2010 c5 Natalie Parr
I seriously adore this piece. Cleverly and sweetly written. Her Normandy control pad wasn't broken...awwwwww!
6/7/2010 c5 Aryana70
That was a brilliant story..I loved every word. Wow
6/1/2010 c5 4Nightodie
Wow Kass, Certainly worth the wait. I love it. Happy Birthday by the way!

Thank you for this!
6/1/2010 c5 1Raydis
*incoherent ramblings* D'aaaaawww!

That's all I've got to say about this. That was absolutely funny and sweet all at the same time.
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