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for Hot Dotty! (Episode 4 of "If") *complete*

5/5/2018 c4 Truckee Gal
Good grief! The honeymoon from hell has no end in sight.
5/5/2018 c3 Truckee Gal
Lee and Amanda's bodies all bruised and beaten. No ... no ... this isn't how their honeymoon is supposed to unfold!
5/5/2018 c1 Truckee Gal
Lee and Amanda will never have a romantic soak in a spa tub and wrinkle the sheets with their steamy ... Can it be believed? Dotty and Kurt are some wild and crazy senior citizens!
7/8/2009 c4 Terry Kay
Can't wait to see how he gets out of this one! Great stuff! Keep it coming please!
7/19/2002 c4 elaine
that was really good. i like it a lot but i wish i hadn't seen two particular words in there that shouldn't ever be put together. "the bomb"? please don't tell me you actually say that.
2/17/2002 c4 rsfanatic
ohhhhhhh, randi! I *love* your stories! *grin* I can't wait to read episode 5!

2/17/2002 c4 tvgirl13
Love it, randi! Can't wait for the next ep!
2/13/2002 c4 7matahari2
Fun story, rb! But we need a tag for the tag, eh? Lee's GOT to explain this one! Amanda has a definite NEED TO KNOW! (me, too!)

2/13/2002 c4 ec
End episode four but OBVIOUSLY not THE end... get on with it. How is he going to explain THIS to Amanda?
2/13/2002 c4 19Stemwinder
OMG Randi! I hope there's a fifth ep coming cause this was one clifffhanger of an ending! Scarecrow's been in a lot of thight places, sure, but how is he going to explain this one to his wife! You've got me rolling on the floor laughing so hard here, I think I'm gonna have to go back and read it again! Great job, and done so quickly, I love that!

Heather, AKA Stemwinder
2/13/2002 c4 7Momm2five


Ok, There had BETTER be another ep coming pretty darn quick! LOL! I can't believe you! (J/K)This is great. I'm loving 'If'.
2/12/2002 c1 ec
OK OK Forget the e-mail. Just keep workin' on Chapter 3
2/12/2002 c1 Momm2five
Oh yay, oh yay!

I'm so excited I can barely type!

This is going to be a hoot! I can just see Dotty in leather pants! ROFL! Poor Kurt and Lee. Very funny!

Waiting patiently.
2/12/2002 c1 19Stemwinder
ROTFLMBO! Oh my gosh, Randi, you've done it again, I've got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I hope you keep up your regular pattern and get this out quickly, cause it's so good . . . Hope you recognize the understatement there! Uhhhhhh, gotta breathe! Loved that ending line, too!

Funny, Captain Kurt did not seem amused!

Too cute! Keep it up!

Can't wait to see more of this!

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