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for Last Sacrifice

5/31/2010 c3 Twilighternproud
awwwwwwww 3

i loveee itt =D

updatee sooon xx
5/31/2010 c3 5RainInTheSun
Aw I hope they make up! Loving this story, so update soon, please?
5/30/2010 c3 1MaggieChauvin
Great chapters, they are getting better and better!
5/30/2010 c2 Blue Brat24
I hope there are more Dimitri/Roza moments. I love them!
5/30/2010 c3 7Annika Taylor
Great Chapter! I can't wait to read the conversation! They need to bust Adrian out though and soon!
5/30/2010 c1 Aura29
great ! write more plz!
5/30/2010 c3 8AVampireEclipse
Omg i really really loved it! please update soon!
5/30/2010 c3 Serena Bancroft
Very nice writing. Rose may be a little out of character, but you're definitely on your way to having a fantasmical story 3 Please update soon! -SB
5/30/2010 c3 12MadameRozaBelikova
Okay ready for the talk Make it a good one please!
5/30/2010 c2 MadameRozaBelikova
OMG! How can she be with Dimitri when Adrian just saved her life? What a guy! Talk about a Last Sacrifice. Great Chapter!
5/30/2010 c1 MadameRozaBelikova
She was downright mean to him. I love it!
5/30/2010 c1 JuneEatsArt
I loved this chappy, I was all like, "Ooooh! Told!" Lmao, keep it up.
5/30/2010 c3 8BelikovaChild
Love the story so far, update soon please
5/30/2010 c3 Dr.clau-clau
great story!:D
5/25/2010 c1 2Lissa Dragomir101
That was so good! Please write more!
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