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for Last Sacrifice

11/10/2010 c12 HyperGirl95
omg i can't wait to see what rose and dimitri's child will be like. i enjoyed this chapter but it was a tad short, i can;t wait to see what happens next.
11/6/2010 c12 1talkygirl
awesome chapter... christians joke about the father was funny...
11/5/2010 c4 crystal49s
Syd should get with adrian. Cheat on her with tasha
11/5/2010 c12 2ChloeHoran
11/5/2010 c2 crystal49s
Cool story!
11/5/2010 c1 crystal49s
What is funny is that they can see into each others eyes and know what the other is feeling, so wouldn't they know when one of them was lying?
11/5/2010 c12 RoseWannabe
Haha no that was brilliant. Thank you for the update
11/4/2010 c12 Twilighternproud
cuuutee x
11/4/2010 c12 Dimka's chick
It was funny, I liked it
10/23/2010 c11 Devlish Angel
great story :D

why havent you updated?
9/27/2010 c11 4Rissy298
Hey I've noticed you haven't updated in a while. You should. I love it and need to read more :)
9/18/2010 c11 nicole
aww what a cute story. you should definately finish it. add the pregnancy and maybe how rose and dimitri get married. plz update soon.
9/14/2010 c11 brittni1213
sooo keep up the good work love the chapter
9/5/2010 c11 1talkygirl
lissa is awesome well some stories ar like man i well i would want to kill lissa but in general i like lissa! love the story and chapter. please keep writing, sincerely talkygirl!
9/4/2010 c11 raybro
i like Lissa. she did used to get on my nerves in the beginning because she was so weak but throughout the series she has become stronger and doesn't need Rose as much. i'm happy for her. it even makes me mad wen people make Lissa seem like a total bitch in the fanfiction. or when they make it seem like she is absolutely nothing without Rose.
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