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for Last Sacrifice

8/22/2010 c9 Blue Brat24
love the shared morning sickness
8/22/2010 c10 2deliciouse
Poor Dimitri why does she have to be so hard on him all the time, the man has the patience of a saint.

I would really like to see Rose pregers, hopefully if she is, she finds out before she goes looking for Dashkov.
8/22/2010 c10 Ushna
Awesome job!
8/22/2010 c7 lillysalsa
poison - alan cooper

let it dei - three day`s grace

our time now - plain white T`s
8/22/2010 c10 Twilighternproud

Love this fluffly chap x
8/22/2010 c4 lillysalsa
your a goor writer.

really good. maybe you could try to go more deep in the characters and the place. a little more detail. but it`s great, though. you really make the story a mistery and that is what keep us reading.

my list:

Rose & Dimitri

Lissa & Andrian.

Mia & Christian

Jenni & Abe

Sydni & Eddie
8/22/2010 c9 HyperGirl95
i love how rose will also experience the morning sickness, i find it really funny
8/22/2010 c1 lillysalsa
this is so good. really amaizing. it coud be written by Richelle mead her self. I didn`t read the rest yet, but really cool for so far.
8/21/2010 c10 1A-lovebug-bit-me
I like it but its really short and some of is kinda rushed. But I do like the plot. :) keep up the good work.
8/21/2010 c10 brittni1213
i love the chapter keep up the good work
8/21/2010 c10 lissa

I wonder what they are going to name them. Great chapter :)
8/21/2010 c10 2RedRoseBlackThorns
please update
8/21/2010 c10 6my 2 guys
that was funny and i loved it keep it coming
8/21/2010 c9 hey
i think that u should have rose end up being pregnant. i kno she did it with dimitri a long while ago but why cant her pregnancy take double as long
8/21/2010 c9 Twilighternproud
hahahahah cute chapter :P

imagine she does experience birth with her o.o
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