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for Last Sacrifice

7/28/2010 c4 95Gemini95
i want adrian and sydney to be together... tasha can find someone else lol buh the other couples are good
7/27/2010 c5 gracefish21
7/25/2010 c5 victoriak9898
WTF! update update UPDATE! soon. please:) haha, i love it.
7/25/2010 c5 Twilighternproud
ommmg :S

She has to drink from a girl, dude she's not even moroi :P

But she can't break her cover this early :/

update sooon gotta see what happens x
7/25/2010 c5 Dimka's chick
cant wait to see how she'll get out of this one. UD soon!
7/25/2010 c5 emomusickid
really good chapter
7/25/2010 c1 kayt
ok is this book out already? that was amaing bye the way THANKS!
7/24/2010 c5 nadia callanan
Wow that is freaky! I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm glad Dimitri went with her, they make a great team. I hope nothing happens to them.
7/24/2010 c4 1Single-White-RoseS
7/21/2010 c4 4Rosebelikov101
noooooo. you should have adrian with sydney and tasha with... i gueesss no one
7/21/2010 c4 Mylar
moooore! XD
7/21/2010 c4 muse
Or maybe Sydney and Adrian...who knows. Cant wait though. :)
7/21/2010 c2 Dimka's chick
Imso glad Dimitri steped up and finally took control
7/21/2010 c4 1Nightshadow011
this is a readlly good book, please continue writing i cant wait to figure out what happens next. i love Dimitri, rose should get with him. Team Dimitri all the way.
7/20/2010 c4 rockiet
Oh man, how will R/D get of out this now? I kinda think Christian burning Dimka was unfair, but he was protecting Lissa. :/ Noooot fair! Such a cliffhanger. I've been waiting forever for you to update. Great job anyways x:
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