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9/14 c34 hannahclan
Great characters and a very different story line . Thanks for sharing .
8/31 c31 Nicole01917
Ph plg lg
4/21 c33 22kadronya
I love this story! Thanks for it
2/21 c34 JaysWorld2
I loved this story. And while that other review says it's a good thing this is fiction because Edward is hedonistic and creepy... I don't agree. I mean, yeah, he is a bit hedonistic, and the line "won't be able to stop" is annoying as hell (but is so frequent in fics that I try not to dwell on it), but Bella is always in control and able to say no. Which she does. Frequently.

What he does do is push her limits. She needs to be pushed out of her little bubble and into reality, and that is what he does. Sometimes being pushed by a bigger personality is a good thing.
10/21/2022 c11 15winterhorses
Good thing this is fiction because in real life, it would be a sad, creepy, maybe even dangerous example of an insecure, lost girl getting caught up with a domineering hedonistic man who thinks primarily of himself. He’s very aware of her nervousness and low self esteem, yet he’s still overly insistent and non-empathetic to her personality. And I *reeeeally* hate that sh!t about men “not being able to stop” if they cross some imaginary level of arousal. That is a way of putting the blame on the female if she becomes uncomfortable/wants to stop after that.
9/9/2022 c34 i heart clash
I remember starting this a long time ago and falling off the fanfic wagon only to get back on again during the pandemic. I’m happy I was finally able to finish it and so stoked for our girl B’s HEA! Loved seeing her growth in this fic and see her story progress from her screen to real life. Adored your Edward in this too! Thanks for the lovely read!
7/19/2022 c2 4Halo221
Oh man, Finn is beyond adorable!
7/19/2022 c1 Halo221
Only a decade late to read this one, but it's an interesting start so far :)
3/21/2022 c19 2The Alpha 100
that was just creepy
3/10/2022 c13 Sapphire Archeron Cullen
uhm... edward... Edward... EDWARDD! There's a kid right in that room!
*smh* he's such a kid in the body of a man... damn I love them both lol
2/16/2022 c31 readicted
Glad Emmett is there. I wondered how he was fairing. So, I'm a bit confused-are Edward and Emmett not brothers, via adoption? Are they just good friends and that's why he's 'Uncle' Emmett?
2/15/2022 c29 readicted
Ok, it m makes sense that Bella would have periods of misgivings and feeling some emotional hesitancy despite her initial quick forgiveness. I'm glad they've acknowledged it and talked it over.
2/15/2022 c28 readicted
Surprised that Emmett is still sleeping there. It seems overkill at this point, but I respect his care and compassion. He's a true friend. And a good and caring person. I like that Edward got his butt on the first plane back to Bella to try and fix things. BUT (please forgive me because this is just my opinion, not a criticism of the story) the unmitigated gall of Edward to plan on flying in, fully anticipating forgiveness, and then Bella's acquiescence to just pack up and leave with him to CA the next day. Such self centered arrogance. He's just going to swoop in, say forgive me, and flight leaves tomorrow, be ready. And Bella, I'm not loving how she chose to tell Edward about the pregnancy. My issue with it is that it seems like she wasn't going to tell him if he didn't come for her, or if he didn't say he wanted her permanently. I'm sure that wasn't her plan, but the way she handled it, leaves room for doubt. Saying all of that, I'm happy they worked things out and I'm glad Edward is so happy. Hope Finn will be happy too and not feel insecure. Curious, how long were Edward and Bella separated?
2/15/2022 c27 readicted
Hmm, I don't know what to say here. Bella didn't say what needed saying. And she damn well needed to say them! Edward had his turn at talking before he turned his back on her. Justified in his own mind, or not. She should have demanded he sit and listen, let her have her turn to speak. Give her at least that courtesy. That whole co-sleeping/cuddling when they hadn't gotten anything resolved? Nope. Even if they'd talked and decided to go their separate ways, or to just be friends, I could understand them deciding to have that special intimate time holding each other one last to basically not talk or clear up anything or come to some kind of resolution or closure or some thing, and you want to snuggle? Hell to the nah! You don't get to call me a horrible person, accuse me of using your kid and then suggest we all co-sleep. Thank goodness Bella had the foresight to write a letter just in case. Sometimes that's more effective anyway.
2/14/2022 c26 readicted
Really good chapter. I appreciate this glimpse into this time with Edward. I'm equally disappointed with Edward essentially turning into a reclusive alcoholic. Still really digging Savannah, and their relationship.
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