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for Reasons of the Heart

3/28/2016 c4 Kimcchy
Omg! I love tenten's choice of words. Hahaha iimmoral reptile lok
7/1/2014 c21 DarkAngel1010
i luv dis story

one of the best nejiten but wat happened to Jun Misaki
8/10/2013 c21 AceHunn
I regret my last flame srry i couldnt help but keep reading hope you can forgive me... ;3
8/9/2013 c7 ChiChiToka
Im done im not continuing this is terrible srry for the flame but know. Even if im on ch.7 ill be happy to help you edit.
8/9/2013 c2 ChiChiToka
Quotations, explanation points some excitment otherwise its Great!
8/4/2013 c6 oolongteabag
it's good, although ought to be rated T
7/28/2013 c21 1stronger13
I really love this story and this is the nth time I've read this. :) You're really good
11/5/2012 c21 2Animefangirl95
Wooooo! Happy ending-D
11/5/2012 c20 Animefangirl95
Yay happy almost ending
11/4/2012 c19 Animefangirl95
Aww Tennie please pull through
11/4/2012 c18 Animefangirl95
Oh well tenten being in the hospital is just as efficient...*laughs nervously* TENNI DON'T DIE!
11/4/2012 c17 Animefangirl95
I'm half expecting Neji to get in an accident and wake up with Tenten at his bedside
11/4/2012 c16 Animefangirl95
I am pissed with tenten she is such an idiot and Neji is no better gosh why can't they just sit at a table and sort out their relationship! Why do they have to be so violent and use the term f***** every other line gosh these people suck

Ahem excuse that rant great chapter
11/4/2012 c15 Animefangirl95
Tennie don't leave neji!
11/4/2012 c14 Animefangirl95
Gosh Tenten youre such a frikkin idiot! Neji Frikkin Hyuuga Is In Love With You!
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