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8/1/2012 c1 25MrsEleanorLovett
Another beautiful fanfic of yours
6/7/2010 c1 107Permanent Rose
This needs to happen in the actual show. Seriously

Really cute-I like the flashforward. I like the Wemma fluff. Basicially, I just loved the whole thing :)
5/29/2010 c1 1extremefuchsia
Aww sick Emma ... I wasnt Connor I want Sophie who are Connor and Sophie LOL
5/26/2010 c1 r0ckgal
Ugh, why can't this happen at the season finale:( Great story!:)
5/26/2010 c1 44Obsessionsaremylife
God... I want Will and Emma to have Sophie and Connor too!

That was brilliant! I wish it would happen for real! 'sighs'
5/26/2010 c1 29Pretty Persistent
Dislike the Wemma babies.

Dislike Emma giving up work for sed Wemma babies.


LOVE your little assembly scene and the motivational speaker idea.

LOVE your awesome characterization.

LOVE Will going to Emma's house to win her back.

LOVE Emma's perfect realization that he had done what he needed to do.

LOVE that he blurted out about Connor and Sophie. (Even if I dislike Wemma babies.)

LOVE the Brittany and Finn thing.

Okay, there are too many loves, so I'll just say, great job. (:
5/26/2010 c1 1brithegLeek
this is soooo cute. i love it(:
5/26/2010 c1 197mamaXunicorn
perfection in written form! I loved it! I loved how Will pictured Emma and their two kids! And i love how he ran to her house and they made up and kissed when she was sick. That is love. I also love how the kids know what or rather who is always thinking about. Great story! Perfect fix for my need of Wemma!
5/26/2010 c1 Melissa
Excellent story!
5/26/2010 c1 Lylirium
That was so sweet. Loved it.

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