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for Night Must Fall

12/1/2022 c25 debb lavoie
Love the different languages and your translations. Love how it was the Cullens that left causing so much trouble. Alice lost because of her choice. Marcus rocked! Love the little cabin way up north.
11/15/2022 c1 1mzlbankhead
Character death. I just find it hard to read stories where mates are separated by death and live on willingly. Also, find it hard to believe vampires would act against their own best interests. If you only have one mate, why kill so indiscriminately? Why willingly follow am order to separate mates. Why choose a path that leads to their death? Protecting your mate should be on the same level or above the keep the secret law. It should be part of each vampires natural self-preservation. I've read far too many stories, this one included, where no one's mated status matters except Bella and Edward's. Make it make sense. While it was a good read and I definitely recommend, that was a huge plot hole for me.
11/6/2022 c25 1insomniacinsanity
An unexpected place to end~
8/5/2022 c17 thespeedfxrce
“Each moment he breathed beyond her, he would be damned in the scorching fires of Hades.

He was dead, but now, as night fell all around him, swallowing him in its darkness, he was dying.”

8/1/2022 c25 GottaLoveFanFiction
Awesome read. Thanks for sharing.
7/24/2022 c25 jen5795
Love this story and I love that Are and Caius got theirs in the end.
7/23/2022 c23 MsLiss
Absolutely brilliant thank you
7/19/2022 c22 2TwiTwiAgain
7/19/2022 c21 TwiTwiAgain
Boy, that was some chapter! How are they getting out of this? They are, right?
7/18/2022 c17 TwiTwiAgain
Quite the fight! Love that writing.
7/17/2022 c11 TwiTwiAgain
Love a feisty Bella.
7/17/2022 c6 TwiTwiAgain
Great line, Bella.
7/17/2022 c4 TwiTwiAgain
Poor Edward, hates his life with the Volturi. How will he meet Bella, if Alice is warning her?
7/17/2022 c3 TwiTwiAgain
Waiting for the next update of the Cleaner, I found this in my future read file. Love the premise!
7/11/2022 c25 sfiur
Superb!. Love your historics ramblings.
Forever in my favorita.
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