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for Night Must Fall

7/18/2022 c17 2TwiTwiAgain
Quite the fight! Love that writing.
7/17/2022 c11 TwiTwiAgain
Love a feisty Bella.
7/17/2022 c6 TwiTwiAgain
Great line, Bella.
7/17/2022 c4 TwiTwiAgain
Poor Edward, hates his life with the Volturi. How will he meet Bella, if Alice is warning her?
7/17/2022 c3 TwiTwiAgain
Waiting for the next update of the Cleaner, I found this in my future read file. Love the premise!
7/11/2022 c25 sfiur
Superb!. Love your historics ramblings.
Forever in my favorita.
7/10/2022 c20 sfiur
Eleazar would have likely spoken sefardí. Per your supposition he is spanish jew,therefore probably “sefardita” .
7/7/2022 c9 sfiur
Ahhh! Sherhezade. One night more
5/6/2022 c25 frostedglaze
This just made me so sad for Alice.
5/5/2022 c13 frostedglaze
If Lonnie survives, any woman he rapes in the future is bella's fault.
4/14/2022 c25 1laura lou who
What a ride! Great story!
4/11/2022 c25 twifi-reader
How have I never come across this story before now! loved it from start to finish, thank you thank you thank you x
2/13/2022 c25 Savannah77
I'm reading The Cleaner and didn't realize you wrote this one. I don't know if I ever left a review but this fic was spectacular. I usually read complete fics because I have no patience at all. This one was complete when I read it. I'm pretty sure I read it all in one night. Soooo good. Loved it!
1/14/2022 c19 Guest
OMG! Love it
1/14/2022 c18 Guest
Alice and Bella’s reconciliation was anticlimactic to say the least. But it was expected, with all the heart break and trauma.

Hard to believe so many people were killed because they were thought to be witches.
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