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for Without Its Heart

6/13/2016 c18 45FreelinJemilyPLL7819
Oh! I know that last quote! Lol, it's from Criminal Minds...I'm so smart! :D
1/9/2016 c46 maran
I simply loved it.
Thank you
3/4/2013 c46 1SeverusSnape'sLove
I love your story. It's beautiful, very emotional at the end. Thanks for sharing. :)
2/27/2013 c33 loverofbones
This chapter made me cry.
2/9/2013 c31 loverofbones
Oh man your letters made me cry they were beautiful.
1/1/2013 c45 Hannah
Well its the best story i've read for the tv show bones, i cried nearly every chapter and it was just lovely to read if it was a book i would buy it, i'm surprised you didn't mention the letters that angela wrote when she first got cancer but the ending was brilliant and upsetting i feel like it should continue but loved it all the same.

Thanks for the story

3/19/2012 c45 17ghfann5
i absolutely LOVE this story! i can't even begin to express how much i enjoyed it. you had me captivated from the very beginning. GREAT GREAT GREAT
2/21/2012 c45 209Echo
I really enjoyed this story. Though I haveto admit it was really hard to keep up with all the characters once Addison, Olivia, and Nicholas all got married and had kids. The story was pretty much over for me after Angela was finally in remission. The others chapters after that were nice, but not as engaging.
12/12/2011 c45 3Prey That There's No God
May i just say this is my favourite story on this god-damn website

It is so well written and even though it started in one place and ended in a completely different place you managed to carry one entire theme through the entire story which bound it together, you have a real gift when it comes to writing and i really enjoy reading your work

12/10/2011 c45 MONEBUDDHA
I loved this! You came full circle and did it beautifully.
12/10/2011 c45 1Nataliax7x
loved this whole story! i joined about halfway through and am very glad i did! it was well written! you know how to write family dynamics very well! i enjoyed reading it! good luck on your other projects!
12/10/2011 c45 3Lexi Camille
Oh my god. I can't believe it is over. Completely and totally over. This had to be the best Bones story I ever read! It was sad, happy, thought-provoking, and most of all, fun to read! Thank you for writing it, and keep ob watching Bones!
12/10/2011 c45 8WishfulThinking012094
That was an absolutely perfect end to an absolutely amazing story! Bittersweet, but perfect. Personally, I would love a story about if Michael had been born blind :)
11/5/2011 c44 3Lexi Camille
I loved It! You are amazing girl! Please writemore!
11/4/2011 c44 2LittleMissRainbow
This story was so amazing. It was both heartwrenching and funny in all the right places. It was extremely well-written too, which was a lovely bonus. If it was up to me, I would uVe the epilogue be at the Hodgins estate immediately following the funeral.
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