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for Green Sharingan

1/18/2012 c4 ultimate uchiha fangirl
loved it 33 great job
1/18/2012 c3 mrs uchiha
i love it especially kakashi's part " Team 7 are sadists. What with Naruto's pursuit on becoming the Hokage even if it meant going through gruesome tasks, Sasuke's obsession to kill Itachi and use forbidden justu and potions to highten his chances of getting it over with early and Sakura's ability to smash even a mountain to pieces, beat up Naruto, use poison and go through Tsunade-sama's rigorous training all added up to this: Kakashi had trained three ignorant obsessive preteens into individual weird-ass sadists who itch for battles. He was fucking proud!" i akmost died with laugh
1/10/2011 c8 LdyNyx
it's amazing can't wait to read the next 1 :D
12/14/2010 c2 9Lullamasen
I love your story, and especially Sakura's clothes! 3
11/13/2010 c6 2LadyDV011
update soon please and thank you
10/22/2010 c4 9Kisa Black
when is this story going to be updated?
7/23/2010 c4 3Kyra Hero
That crow's eyes sound like Sharingan, isn't it? Love it. Update soon! :)
7/6/2010 c3 1A-Caged-Bird-Set-Free
that was so funny and the part with kakashi and him snezzing classic really u should update it's a good story so far

the fake orgasm in the diner man was that funny to read i was laughing the entier time i read it same with the kakashi P.O.V and that is some of the funniest shit i have read in quite some time keep up the good work
6/21/2010 c3 2RinarinaXP
This is actually really amazing. ^_^
6/21/2010 c3 33Sakuraangel1327
Lol, that orgasm part was the shizz. Lol! I canm actually see myself doing that one time, to freak out a friend ;)
6/8/2010 c2 ScareyStrangeNeko18
this was soo cool XD!
6/8/2010 c2 falalahlalala
Interesting so far.
6/8/2010 c2 1konnichiha yoshi-chan
i really like your story its really funny and amazing!

keep up the good work!

i also like your occ kain.

keep up the good work i'll be watching! ^_^

5/27/2010 c1 3Kyra Hero
Love it! Is Naruto also an ANBU? Update soon!

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