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9/28/2015 c12 8This Username Is Classified
Great story!
12/27/2010 c12 sweet laya
and they lived happly ever after ^^ yaya! haha
12/27/2010 c11 sweet laya
aww ^-^ that was sweet RimaHiko *-* love it :)
12/27/2010 c10 sweet laya
Nagihiko WILL win Rima's hart as fast as the lightning :)
12/27/2010 c9 sweet laya
love this line:"God if I lose Nagi's than I'll never forgive you, I'll never smile again! If I lose him and if my new 'husband' won't let me see him again, I swear I'll runaway again and I promise you that this time, this time no one will find me!"...GO!GO!RIMA-CHAN~ XD
12/27/2010 c8 sweet laya
yes Nagihiko you can't leave Rima alon
12/27/2010 c7 sweet laya
is it me or this story is geting better to better excitement XD
12/27/2010 c6 sweet laya
Nagihiko were are you? Rima is searching for you :(
12/27/2010 c5 sweet laya
Nagihiko IS the PERFECT husbend to Rima
12/27/2010 c4 sweet laya
12/27/2010 c3 sweet laya
I love this chapter titel and this chapter was nice too
12/27/2010 c2 sweet laya
aww..cute RimaHiko ^^
12/27/2010 c1 sweet laya
love this story
12/7/2010 c13 randomperson
Hey great story! ^^ I personally think that the last chapter was ok, and there's no need to rewrite it but it's your choice ^^ I'm still waiting for you to update "Kidnapped my Heart" ! :D
11/21/2010 c12 3muzikchic4eva
this story was really good i liked it. The whole set-up made by nagi was cool too. i'm so happy rima didn't marry nagi without realizing it was him in the first place. that was a nice touch to the story.

but i think it was ch 11 but wasn't there a part where rima's dad said, "i won't let Rima marry a peasant"? does that mean that Nagi had a duo identity?
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