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5/16/2020 c28 6ZophToko
if u ever did a bankotsu X Sango au ff, I would read it
5/16/2020 c28 ZophToko
omg I thought I was gonna enjoy sesshkagu and the rest of the gang as they fight and go through life. now u have me wanting more bankotsu and Sango. I honestly feel like im cheating on the sangoXmiroku ship I always respected
5/15/2020 c16 ZophToko
I love the friendship u made between bankotsu and goshinki. I always liked bankotsu as a respectable character and fun as well. And seeing him with a detachment of Naraku was new, because I wouldn't have expected them to work together with a genuine bond. I also liked how we got to enjoy goshinki more .
6/14/2017 c43 Flareup4Ratchet
Ack! That is it? I got this far and there is no ending to this story after 6 years? I am sad! :(
3/11/2016 c11 haiquye1
I had thought that Inuyasha was a little out of character. But when rereading this chapter I realized Inuyasha is just himself. He speaks ill of Sesshomaru to his friends, and helps him with all his might when Sesshomaru is in danger.
1/20/2016 c14 overninethousand
sesshomaruandrin . blogspot . com
sesshomaruandkagura . blogspot . com
2/1/2015 c2 Guest
do you know that Kagura became the wind?
12/7/2014 c43 7DarkSeraphim1
I was sorry to see that this had been discontinued, as it is one of the few coherent and well-written (and IC) Sesshoumaru stories I have read. I truly enjoyed it, and I hope - no matter how futilely - that you might one day return to The Winds of Time. If not, know that I enjoyed it immensely, and that it has a place of honor in my Favorites list.


8/21/2013 c1 overninethousand
read these;
sesshomaruandrinfaq . blogspot . com
sesshomaruandkagurafaq . blogspot . com
3/9/2013 c43 knight771
This story is amazing! The plot of this is original and youre OC villains are awesome.
Congratulations on making such a brilliant fanfic!
I am wondering whether or not this fic is dead. If it isnt I hope you update soon.
1/16/2013 c7 I don't know
I think it is great :D
9/25/2012 c26 Sesshomarusama3
hey there! i really like this story! poor sesshy though!
1/9/2012 c43 silverspetz
I have really enjoyed this fic. This latest chapter was another example of you putting Sesshomaru in a situation where it is really believable for him to appreciate Inuyasha more than he has.

I have to ask though, are you still writing this or is the fic dead? You seem to have updated quite often before but now there hasn't been a single update in almost a year.
1/5/2012 c21 silverspetz
Ok, first I have to say that I love this fic. Your characters are exelently portrayed and faithful to the original and you use your OC's perfectly. Well developed and interesting despite being villains.

But I have to ask, WHY exactly could they not revive Miroku? Because Tenseiga didn't pulse? Since when does it need to do that to work? His body was still mostly intact and his soul was clearly his own when he died so the conditions for reviving him should have all been fulfilled. It just doesn't make sense.

Personally, I have always hated death in my reading. Unless it is really important for developing the characters, it just leaves a foul taste in my mouth. I get why Kagura died in the original manga, she helped push Sesshomaru into becoming a nice guy and unlock the Meidou Zangetsuha. This just feels like you killed a character for no other reason than to put more tragedy in, and I hate that kind of death. It serves no actual purpose and just wastes a character who otherwise would have been much more fun reading about.
6/10/2011 c28 50Sunruner
Oh, I didn't review the story where Bankotsu and Songo got together. Bad Sunny.

You and I already discussed a couple things about next-gen fics via PMs, but I still feel compelled to leave another review (sort of because having 89 reviews would drive me up the frickin' WALL on the stats page).

This is an EXCELLENT Inuyasha Fanfiction. Why? Because I keep -thinking- about it. I've read as far as I'm probably going to, but I keep stopping while working on my own projects and thinking about THIS one instead, because it just had that whimsical quality that made everything really come together. It felt like a fairy-tale or a myth, sort of had that epic style (and I mean that in the literary sense, not the internet LOLcat-fighting-a-whale-type epic).

Is some of it unnecessary? Sure. Is some of it far-fetched? Hell yes. But does that have a negative impact on the story? Does it detract from the experience? Do the extreme circumstances make the characters OOC and slapstick?

No, no, and no. What you have is development, which a lot of stories tend to lack. You have seeds of the characters you want by the END embedded in the personae when they appear in the beginning, and those things (feelings of love, doubt, forgiveness, etc.) grow and change the personalities and perspectives of the characters as the story goes on. And this is GOOD, this is what makes an excellent piece of fanfiction.

Are there things you can improve? Yeah, sure, you can improve anything at least a little bit, but I've given snippets of criticism like that in other reviews so I'm not gonna start picking the chapters apart here. You're a competent author who can articulate plot-concepts and character development both within a narrative and outside of it (such as in our PMs). So whenever you feel the need to come back and give Winds of Time a revision, it will give the actively-paced story you have here a stronger literary foundation on which to stand.

So yeah, I figured I'd get that off my chest so I can HOPEFULLY go back to my own work and stop thinking about Menomaru and time-travelling Sesshoumarus. And having a big long review for your 90th is always nice, especially since we all know people (me!) tend to check the reviews before/while reading a story, so a multi-paragraph summation of my feelings should go over well.

That's right, I'm looking at you Review-Readers.

Good luck with your future projects

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