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11/20/2017 c12 29YokaiAngel
4/14/2015 c12 4LA J Lover7778
Haha, good story! I loved the idea! It was funny to see how train tried to talk to everyone! Was it just me, or did I see a little romance between eve and train? It sure did look like it! I also loved how train fell through the roof just in time to save everyone, in a matter of seconds my I add.

Over all, it was a good story, but I felt like it could be longer. A lot of chapters felt like fillers to me.

Well, those are my thoughts on your story, I hope you continue writing! :3
10/17/2013 c12 4KitsuneFlareFox
When I first saw it I thought he was gonna turn into a house cat xD but a f cking panther... I 3 it
You need to make some more stories like this
There is definetly not anough black cat fanfic s on this site and this litterly made my day :)
6/3/2013 c12 4Optimusa
Kuwaii! Do more animal stories pwweeeeaaaassseeee! Train as a freaking cat is just to epic ooohh idea! How about a fem!train story that would be awsome no other gender changes just train as girl from the very beginning the cuteness and awkward situations involved are just too many to bear in one feeble mind. I am only good at oneshots but i really want to be able to write an actual story. God i suck. Well sayonara!
1/11/2013 c6 the gental dove
SPOILERS i dont think i speld that right :]
1/11/2013 c3 the gental dove
what is a cliffie
9/30/2012 c12 Specifice
Aww, poor Train. He just can't win. XD Anyway, GREAT fic! There are way too few Black Cat fanfics on this site so imagine my surprise when I find an amazing story like yours. It was funny, kept me hooked, and had a good amount of action in it.
11/21/2011 c12 cubbiebox
Love it XDXD but istilllikeTrainasacat lol hope he did't hear me XP

11/21/2011 c5 cubbiebox
Lol srry.for not review just now XD so many chaps...waiting!omfg! Was gonna press next :p then i saw ur "Review!" Then i was like wat the heck just review! Hehe :p

Love it so far and love panters XD big fluffy kitttys! ::iwannahughim:: but he might bite so no haha next chap :p
11/21/2011 c1 cubbiebox
You readly READLY readLY want to know?

Well i readly READLY RE!ADLY

Love it XD ya think ima gonna say hate it ima not THAT bad ;~; next chap~
8/7/2010 c12 6Athina Dark-Angel of Death
Good job on this. I enjoyed it.
7/29/2010 c12 8AutumnLeafFall
YAY that was great! I'm glad you finished it and I hope you can write another black cat fanfic please!*puppy dog eyes*
7/23/2010 c12 adgjlkhfs
Awwwww, I liked Train better as a panther too! =D

Haha... Rins doesn't like cartoons... but she IS a cartoon... Hahaha... Hahahahaha... X3
7/21/2010 c12 Chronian Demoness XIV

Poor Train!

"Stupid friends"


I loved it, Shadow!

You wove a tale with humor, suspense, action and the bonds of sincere friendship.

What an amazing story!

Keep up the wonderful writing style!

~ Chronos Number XIV

7/21/2010 c12 30Novalia1001
Aw, it ended so fast! You more or less go the facts right, and everyone was more or less in character, though you rally left some space for an epilogue or the beginning of another story.

Well done: do your best-est in the future!
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