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for Enchanted Naruto!

5/18/2020 c2 Starlord Master
Oh yeah.
5/18/2020 c1 Starlord Master
Well done.
5/16/2019 c2 8SithLordNilis
Continue you evil son of a murglack
5/6/2018 c2 Borello
damnit. i hoped to read more chapter.
7/31/2015 c1 Lagoon7
Christ this story is terrible, I thought id give it a chance but jesus, this is the wost piece of shit i have ever layed eyes on.

Consider deleting this story. PLEASE.
5/4/2015 c2 Guest Review
This chapter doesn't appear to be a part of the 'story' and three years is a long time to leave something like this up as a 'temporary chapter'.
It might be an idea to remove it, in case the site owners get around to doing a purge of things which break the site rules like this.
5/26/2013 c1 exiles soul
this chapter looks quite good. and with the golem's naruto will have pretty good suqad wth them em i right.
8/16/2012 c2 Silvermane1
please update
6/5/2012 c2 2nativelittle-fox
i agree with you

and add a age block for people under age
6/5/2012 c2 jack
love your story so can you update soon?
11/19/2011 c1 Anime Fan 295647


6/9/2011 c1 shadowfang jutsu
this story is great when you can plz update
2/26/2011 c1 Swordhunter89
hope you can update this story it really seems good. you might want to double space though just to make things easier for the reader.
12/31/2010 c1 30Manga154
This is really good, I hope you continue this story("-")
11/17/2010 c1 5Lord Xantos A. Fowl
update please this is good
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