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for Wrath of Fire

12/31/2011 c33 3saveme57
The Impure world resurrection was made by the second homage not the first. Naruto and yahiko need to have a little talk and if naruto doesn't like the answer then akatsuki looses the 9 tails and the 1 tails will go with him they can just live with hiruzen and the sarutobi's remaining neutral. Sakura's uncle needs to have Sakura just 'disappear' on a mission then he can leave konoha keeping both his promises without helping danzo. He really should of joined akatsuki years ago a life as an honest rogue is better than a retired general getting blackmailed back into service. This of course will take time and covert planning mixed with alot of luck.
12/31/2011 c33 24thedarkpokemaster
whoa very good chapter it sure was a shock and I just hope that Sakura will be safe and that we know who wants Sakura dead and why.
12/31/2011 c33 5Micheal the Archangel
Great to see that you are still alive, and talk about getting one in before the new year lol. But still, great chapter.

Now you just need to have a few things to wrap up the story happen

1: Naruto confronts Yahiko about the hit

2: Have Kiriya explain his reasons for why he does what he does

3: Have Madara gather up his followers and have a war meeting

4: Give naruto the dreams, you know what I mean.

5: Unleash the hounds of war.

Well I just can't wait until the next chapter, keep up the good work and update soon.
12/11/2011 c1 He who isn't worthy
Please for all that is good and awesome in the narutoverse update this fanfiction! I need this fanfiction to live this fanfiction is one of the most brilliant things I have ever read and I am so depressed that I haven't got a new chapter in Ike four months. So please update again.
11/2/2011 c28 4TrebleTwenty
By the way, this is the best fanfiction ever.
10/29/2011 c32 NARUTOfan876
glad Naruto and Sakura are starting to work out the feelings they have for each other i kinda wish though their was more of hinata trying to hit on Naruto and him being awkward around her aggressive personality.
9/23/2011 c32 Gohan Videl fan 489
Nice chapter I can't wait to read more
9/23/2011 c32 Saiyan Videl fan 99
Whoa nice chapter I realy hope there is a happy ending for Naruto and Sakura. As I don't like that fact that Danzo is just useing her.
9/18/2011 c32 2operaman bye bye
Great story but I've been hanging on the edge of a cliff with one finger for awhile now
9/12/2011 c32 dragonball z fan 300
Kick ass chapter I can't wait to read more
9/6/2011 c32 10SilverLunaMoon
hmmm...WHY haven't I read this chapter? O.o

Anyway, nice chapter, like how you write the relationship between Deidara and Naruto
8/14/2011 c32 Sakura fan 55
wow this was just so good I just can't stop reading this story
8/14/2011 c32 3NaruSaku fan 100
wow poor Sakura I hope Naruto finds out who wanted her dead
8/14/2011 c32 super saiyan Sakura Haruno
Nice work please keep it up I so want to read more
8/13/2011 c32 lost fan don
sweet I just loved this chapter so very much
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