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7/29/2011 c32 92SaiyanWarrior200
So The Snow Arc is finished and Naruto and Sakura have fixed their relationship. But you gotta think, If Danzo finds out that Sakura is involved with and cares about an enemy, including one who is the Vessel for Kyuubi he will be pissed off. He may threaten to have her uncle, her teammates, and all her friends in the village like that Midori girl executed in public if she doesn't bring Naruto to Konoha if he discovers what's happening.
7/28/2011 c32 1Sariko-chan723
:D yayyy. Another chapter well done! I lived naruto and Sakura kicked ass in this chapterr :) niceeee. Anyways. I hope you update soon! I'll be waitingg anxiously!
7/28/2011 c32 DemosJones
Conclusion! My only quibble is Sakura saying she'd wait for Naruto? I kinda feel you've written a Sakura who'd take a much more active role then to wait for Naruto to end the conflict. Ah well, 'tis still fun.
7/28/2011 c29 1dzk87
Uh. Kimimaro's bone bullet's should not have explodez the bombs. Nothing except lightning chakra was supposed to be able to dismantle them ,really...
7/28/2011 c24 dzk87
Nope, I was not happy. He made sure that Kurotsuchi, last chapter, was taken away to be safe, right before KAKASHI attacked. Then he kills her? Doesn't make sense, inconsistent. That already shows his somewhat innocence. And secondly, he was right... Danzo would kill him, to clear up the loose ends. He made the right tactical choices.. I don't like how you made them wrecking him justifiied, simply because he didn't want to step down. He knew they would kill him...
7/27/2011 c22 dzk87
wooot, first of all, a fic that FINALLY has kakazu in it. btw, its kakazu, not kakuzu. Most fics die/derail waaaay before they reach this point. Second, an epic fight! No more weak Kakazu, which made no sense. He's 100 years old, uses every element, survived fighting the first, he should be as beast as this fic shows, and hahah, it only killed 3 hearts, they forgot about one!
7/27/2011 c32 the.curri.of.life16
Good chapter. I really liked the fight scenes and thought they were described very well :). I also like the part when naruto saved Sakura even though he was going against the akaski ( srry if that is spelled wrong) at the moment. I also thought that the ending of the chapter was funny, well I laughed :D. I luv that you make ur chapters really long some people just write really short chapters! Hope u update again soon! :D
7/27/2011 c32 75X59
excellent chapter.

It's good to see the Land of Snow arc reach its end.

To be honest I was kind of annoyed by Naruto suddenly appearing during the Sakura Kiriya fight, but the fact they admitted their feelings and actually figured how do deal with them made it all right.

My main annoyance was that someone like Doto took out Deidara, Naruto, and Izumi.

The princesses speech was really cool.

I did like how Kiriya revealed the fault of every great shinobi village and I'm glad to see my mentions of Kurotsuchi being too accepting work its way into the story.

The end scene with Deidara chasing Naruto was funny.

On a different note: What you read the new chapter yet?
7/27/2011 c32 4RedWing36
7/27/2011 c32 24thedarkpokemaster
whoa nice chapter I just loved it I so hope that Kiriya gets killed later on
7/26/2011 c32 Ty Son of Battle
Why didn't Deidara clamp down on Doto's jugular and tear it out? I mean it was a great chapter but if he really bit down on his neck that would have ended it. And yes people do kill people like that in real life it's not like that chop to the back of the neck bullshit lolz.
7/26/2011 c32 Vegeta - Prince of saiyans
I really like the idea that Danzo takes over the village and that Akatsuki fight to beat the 'Alliance'.

What I find weird is Naruto's love for Sakura. To me it doesn't make much sense. The reason is that the things she fights for are the opposite of what Minato fought for, and what the Akatsuki fight for. The Akatsuki took him from Konoha, and raised him. He would therefore probably consider most people in Akatsuki friends/family. Surely then his loyalty to Akatsuki and what they fight for would outweigh his love for Sakura. I don't understand why he would think of her being just as important as Akatsuki's aims.

Also, surely if Naruto was trained by Yahiko/Jiraiya growing up then surely he'd be a lot stronger than how he seems to be in your fic. He seems to be only slightly stronger than at this stage in canon, with a lot more training by S class ninja. Also, he barely seems to know any more jutsu and seems to have all the same failings that he has in canon. This doesn't make any sense. Also, I'm surprised he wouldn't use the chakra chains more often in battle, as to my memory he has only used it twice in this fic so far.

Also, Zaku was never more than slightly above canon fodder in canon, and yet without any seemingly major changes to his character he's a lot stronger. Why's that?

In conclusion, I think that Naruto in your fic is isn't as strong as he should be and it was never explained why this was the case. With the training by the sensei's he has had and all the potential he has he should realistically as strong as all chunin and some jounin.

I really hope that in the next chapter you can address the questions I have about your fic.
7/26/2011 c32 3saveme57
Naruto is going to make nagato investigate and find out who ordered sakura killed. Glad naruto and sakura a gonna try and be together.
7/26/2011 c32 9-tailed reaper
great ending for this arc

whats gonna happen next?
7/26/2011 c32 5Micheal the Archangel
Poor Kiriya, now that's gonna hurt in the morning. But over all I think he did quite well. Now I'm predicting some will call mary sue on sakura here, but do remember everyone, she didn't win. She technically lost. Though I can't tell what hurt more, Sakura wailing on him, or Naruto loosing it with him. But Kiriya's strong, he'll be up and walking in a couple of hours. His stamina is equal only to naruto's. It's the reason he's so good at what he does. I only hope Konan doesn't try anything on him. Then again, he tried killing naruto's girlfriend. But in the end, he's too much a resource to waste on punishment. But believe in me when I say him and naruto will not be seeing eye to eye for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

By the way, congrats on the new chapter. I think it's your best yet.
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