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7/26/2011 c32 Deadzepplin
Blarg to much Sakura

Good story though very good
7/24/2011 c31 Kevinrock8899
wow sweet chapter I just loved it
7/22/2011 c31 11mayaoneechan13
I'm gonna begin this review by saying I typically shy away from stories any longer than 20 chapters.

Oh sure, I read them. Typically, I would read the first 2-3 chapters, then skip to end and call it a day. So when I looked at the number of chapters on this fanfic, I was thinking, "It can't be all that bad, right? I'll just skip like I always do."


This is the *first* story of this length that has held my interest all the way to the end. That's right, not even any skimming over the details. Word for word. Now that is a feat. I commend you on your writing skills.

As a Naruto re-write, I really liked the concept. The characterization seems natural (albeit a bit OOC, but hey, if Haku and Deidara are fighting for a good cause, then they have to be). It was also nice to see a realistic state of support from Konoha. My favorite part has got to be the Chunin Exam Arc, because of the Kiba/Neji/Naruto dynamic. And...Hinata. Oh man, Hinata. I KNOW she's not like that, but it was hilarious. I really like your version of her.

Naruto's organization being the Akatsuki was a bit of a surprise (Still having trouble imagining Neji in an Akatsuki cloak and Jiraiya and Tsunade being Akatsuki members, ha-ha.), but I can see you're really trying to keep it semi-canon. The allusions to various parts of the series, particularly the addition of the first movie re-write, are a nice touch.

Another thing that was awesome: Obito lives. YES. He needs more screentime and development, and that's just what you did (To all the Akatsuki really. Seeing them not evil was intersting, to say the least) and I enjoyed that.

So, in the end, what am I trying to say? This is a fantastic fanfic, so keep up the good work!
7/21/2011 c31 3grembari
I dont know why it took me so long but this is Romeo and mothafuckin Juliet..
7/21/2011 c31 Jozern
A good chapter but what's with "turned to a nameless shinobi" crap? Totally killing immersion. There is an author by the name of Geor-sama whose stories ; Naruto: Altered History and Naruto: shinobi wars (especially shinobi wars) use some random "cannon fodder" ninja but he/she is able to give them personalities, history, characteristics and names. just typing most common japanese names into google would benefit the story.
7/21/2011 c31 3Don 77
This chapter made me cry but both Naruto and Sakura had their first kiss
7/20/2011 c31 4RedWing36
I am addicted to this story i cant wait for next chapter and i personaly think this is the best story that i have read that is actualy updated becuase all the other one are never updated
7/20/2011 c31 9-tailed reaper
great story

really like the pacing so far

hope the next update comes out soon
7/19/2011 c31 the.curri.of.life16
Noooo don't kill Sakura! I really liked this chapter I think it was my fav so far :D. I like that Izumi is helping the akaski ( I really doubt I spelled that right) for now at least. I really want to know what happens next so please dont take too long to update :). Can't wait for the next capter
7/18/2011 c7 3TheOmegaMan
Began reading this tonight, and I can't stop. *twitches* I'm just curious as to when the Death Star appears? Lol. Seriously it's like Star Wars, Naruto version. And on top of it all some of my favorite characters are fighting for the [Rebel] Alliance. Like Itachi and Nagato and my wonderful, beautiful paper angel, and then of course the Demon of The Hidden Mist himself.

Well I guess I'll go continue you reading.
7/18/2011 c31 24thedarkpokemaster
Nice please keep up the good work that you are doing on this story. And Poor Sakura who wants her dead so much anyway?
7/18/2011 c31 10SilverLunaMoon
Ohhh, nice chapter^^

I especially liked the ending. Quite a cliffhanger O.O
7/17/2011 c31 Bro4sho
Great chapter! Nice jorb.
7/17/2011 c31 DemosJones
I do like an update.

I like that Naruto and Sakura's path intersected... then seperated again. At this point, either of them defecting to the other side would not have... felt right. Though part of me wants to see them figure something out before taking down Danzo, another part of me thinks that will be the climax of your story, where it takes both of them to win and blah blah blah...

Anywho, I enjoyed it, thank you.
7/17/2011 c31 9Inuyonas
Who ordered Kiriya to kill Sakura?

and bout time you updated...I needed my fix lol
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