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7/17/2011 c1 1Shinobi Swizzy
Excellent chapter. I actually enjoyed the back-story, which is a first! The scenario seems very likely and you worded everything well. The way you introduced Kakashi's character really impressed me. Based on the Pain Invasion Arc, its clear to see Kakashi questioned his father's actions and by Danzo manipulating him to be a cold-hearted assassin was pure genius!
7/17/2011 c31 Guest
If anyone, yahiko told kiriya to kill sakura, since he wanted him to come along... Naruto's gonna go ballastic towards yahiko if he finds out.
7/17/2011 c31 Avenger
I-Is Deidara d-dead NOOOOOOOO!

oh and remeber I am an Avenger!
7/17/2011 c31 92SaiyanWarrior200
If Naruto finds out that guy is trying to kill Sakura you can pretty much kiss Snow goodbye as Naruto would destroy it in the rampage that would follow.

Plus what happened between him and Kimimaro unless there's two different guys who use hook swords? I can't see Kimimaro dying a offscreen death what with his abilities as it would be pretty cheap. Besides he and Tayuya seem to interact with Sakura and her team lately.
7/17/2011 c31 3saveme57
Naruto will go full kyubi if tht guy hurts sakura. Doto won't matter then everyone will die. Naruto will make a relationship with sakura work all it takes is her uncle and teamates defecting to akatsuki they'll be on the right side. Who ordered sakura to be killed if it's nagato or yahiko then akatsuki will loose both jinchuriki since garra will follow naruto.
7/17/2011 c31 75X59
The chapter's was misleading.

It made me think that the Land of Snow arc was going to end this chapter.

The chapter itself was good, though I'm annoyed that Deidara lost to Doto and I don't understand why you referred to Doto as Daimyo.

In my mind he is just an usurper and the constant switching between Doto and daimyo was weird.

I'm assuming that Kimminaro is dead or the Akatsuki member attacking Sakura is not Kiriya.
7/17/2011 c31 Arvarno
Good to see another update :-)

I've been wondering how will this romance get resolved, given that it's one of the trickiest I've seen so far. My guess was that they'd try to kidnap her, with the rest of her team perhaps to keep them out of the way, or that her entire team would change sides when they witnessed something especially outrageous.

Having Akatsuki kill Sakura stries me as a really bad idea, though. They should know perfeectly well that he'll go nuts if he finds out.

This is making me really curious. Can't wait for the next chapter :-)
7/17/2011 c31 ThunderRiver411
This is looking pretty good so far. Keep up the good work.

PS: I'm working on a major crossover if you'd like to check it out. Stars a Naruto: Shippuden character.
6/17/2011 c30 Jozern
So far interesting. Still the whole Romeo and Julia thing you have naruto and Sakura going in still rubs me the wrong way but the other parts are makeing up for it. Looking forward for more.
6/8/2011 c30 happy everyday life
SHIT! I already read all the chapters and I don't know what else I can entertain with myself anymore until your new update!

Hidan joined Akatsuki! YAY! So glad.

I'm also glad that you didn't give Naruto a super power hax! The way Naruto handled Kakuzu with strategy is very realistic, and after all the stress and pain he's been through it's believable he gets his ass handed out suddenly by Dosu(who used to be his friend). Poor Naruto. The situation he's in is getting worse and worse because of things he doesn't have any control over. Hope he gets to grow and develop himself after all this pain.

I wonder what Madara means by Naruto and Sakura's destiny intertwining. Are they maybe destined to fight? If so, Sakura needs to have more than medical jutsu in her arsenal and become stronger. What I've always wanted to know is how Sakura can be stronger without Tsunade. There are so many possibilities with her precise chakra control and I'm looking forward to it! XD Can't wait!

Life will be boring without your updates!
6/8/2011 c25 happy everyday life
I love Sakura and Kurotsuchi's friendship! Might be my favorite friendship next to Gaara and NarutoXD

I wonder how Sakura and Kurotsuchi's friendship will turn out like if the alliance of Konoha and Iwa doesn't turn out good.
6/8/2011 c18 happy everyday life
The fight with Gaara was AWESOME! I'm soooooooo happy that Naruto and

Gaara became friends! Damn, I think I like your story more than the manga itself. And I'll be looking forward for your updates more than the weekly shonen jump release.
6/8/2011 c17 happy everyday life
OMG Your actions are soooo amazing! Your action scenes are very easy to imagine and it makes me feel excited and scary to what will happen next. I know it's very hard to explain the action by words alone, but you are doing a very god job at that. One other thing I am very impressed is that you have none to very few grammar mistakes. The fewer the grammar mistakes the easier to continue on and understand the sentences.

Great job man!
6/7/2011 c12 happy everyday life
"Naruto has good taste in women," Neji whispered to himself.

OMG, Neji's whispers are hilarious XD
6/7/2011 c8 happy everyday life
I never liked Zaku and Dosu but this chapter made me LOVE them! Zaku, Dosu, and Sakura is a very good heartwarming team, I like them! Now, if you'll excuse me I have to read the next chapter!
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