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for Wrath of Fire

1/10/2011 c20 9Inuyonas
Its still an awesome chapter.

Kakuzu is going to be all badass and man handle everyone right?

Deidara ...is going to be Deidara lol

...I still think you should add Hidan in the mix and make him become part of Akatsuki...that way they would have an immortal.

Who doesn't like Hidan lol
1/10/2011 c20 2Masamune13
I enjoyed watching Higure get the better of Danzo without

actually giving into his demands for cooperation. It was nice

to see that old bastard squirm at the idea of not getting his

way for once. An unusual but well played move in bringing the

first movie into the story. Since it's not oficially canon, I

look forward to seeing how this ends up affecting the Naruto

world as a whole.
1/10/2011 c1 QueenOfKites
OMG, so much text.
1/9/2011 c20 8PostLifeSyndrome
Dude, your story is catedorized under ROMANCE and adventure. ROMANCE! let's have a little less action and a little more fluff and/or love, yes? I PAID for some mutha****ing romance, and I expect to GET some mutha****ing romance!
1/9/2011 c20 10SilverLunaMoon
Interesting chapter^^

oh! I have another question for you;P How old was Naruto when he got to the akatsuki base?
1/9/2011 c20 3Reishin Amara
nice chapter! Oh,and if Sakura wants to beat Onoki...hes an old man..easy way to beat him...SHE STRIPS!(god her team mates would LOVe to see that.)

Simply put,she strips...old mans bloodpressure rises...instant heart attack.XD
1/9/2011 c20 2justbehappydammit
I wouldn't necessarily say nothing was going on: there was a good deal of set-up for important future events, at least that's what it looked like. Good work.
12/24/2010 c19 9Inuyonas
Deidara and Kakuzu are mercenaries?...That's cool...

So you put certain Akatsuki people whom's back ground are almost unknown...as random mercenaries...thats so clever...what about Hidan?...and Zetsu...

This was an awesome update...

I can't wait to see what Madara is going to be doing...
12/24/2010 c19 2Masamune13
Great chapter. Interesting move in having the Konoha and Akatsuki groups going on seperate missions at the same time. Looking forward to how the Akatsuki try to recruit Deidara considering how he was persuaded to join the group in the series.
12/24/2010 c19 10SilverLunaMoon
Nice chapter^^

I liked the way Konan sooo owned Yahiko;P though I would have liked to have seen Itach on that mission XDXD
12/5/2010 c18 1MariaSabaku
I loved this chapter, it was great!
11/24/2010 c18 DemosJones
Thank you for giving us a nice long chapter before you lose yourself in your books.

I like Higure, he's been a consistent source of amusement and I'm looking forward to him defecting or whatever it is he's gonna do. He'll do something and it'll be awesome.
11/24/2010 c14 Daiski
Wow, look the OC Uncle is practically a GaryStu. Wouldn't have guessed to that happen in fanfic./sarcasm I'll bet he will be the one to teach Naruto the Flying Thunder God technique since he knows everything and can do everything. Why does every author feel the need to overpower their own freaking OC's?
11/24/2010 c7 Daiski
LMAO, you switched Naruto and Hinata's character. He's a stuttering fool and she's a loudmouth. Also nice god modding Sakura's parents. They were as of if not better than Kakashi f their time? Yeah ok, I can sense a MarySue Sakura coming in the near future.
11/24/2010 c18 Diamond Man
Great chapter! I've been reading your story and keeping updated with each new chapter you release and I've really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Diamond Man
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