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9/11/2010 c9 1Jarjaxle
I can't Believe Gai, Konohas Green Beast, (I WILL NOT CALL HIM BLOOD BEAST!), Has Become Bloodthirsty, asshole! I seriosly Hope that He Wakes Up. AND SERIOSLY HOPE THAT AT LEAST KURENAI HAS JOINED REBELS! Maeby Even Asuma too or has he even born?

9/11/2010 c8 Jarjaxle
Great Story. Plz Update as soon as possible.

Wow, Hinata is Total Bitch. I don't usually hate her but now I hope that Someone kicks her bitch ass badly and Lashes Her Eyes Off.

I also Hope That Sakura, Dosu, Zaku, Anko And Higure join to Rebels. Hopefully Gai and Shikamaru, Chouji and Lee too
9/11/2010 c10 little tobi
Obviously you got my nerves. I was not expecting madara to be at chunin exams. At least not without akatsuki around. And i think you did a good job displaying a little of madara's power. Can't wait to see what happens next. Hope get to see next chapter soon.
9/5/2010 c9 3Reishin Amara
i take it back..since hinata is acting like this,i have a MUCH better twist u may wanna try man. and please respond to this idea!

We keep it naruto/sakura sure. However...why dont we make Hinata basically a willing slave to them both later!

In other words,have her screaming to either naruto OR sakura that she is their bitch to do as they please.(lol she is afterall all stuttery,and after the RIGHT kind of teasing from naruto,he could basically seduce her into his willing slave afterall)

besides,ive never seen anyone make a submissive hinata before.o.o sure ino,but never hinata.
9/2/2010 c9 Kurtulmak
Skip the first exam if you want, but please toss us a small note about how Naruto & co. got around it. Kiba & Neji have it in the bag, but Naruto... not so much unless he gets by on bravado and dumb luck again.

Spotted a typo: "played a huge roll" [role]. There was 1-2 more, but I can't remember where now.
9/1/2010 c9 13DramaQueen4eva
ha ha ha ha ha ...
9/1/2010 c6 1Musubi Kazesaru
Interesting story. You could improve it with a more character development however. Also it's Gai Maito not Guy Might.
8/16/2010 c8 serin2
Interesting, At first I was wondering about the personallity flip with Hinata, But as my computer was being slow I thought. 'If she's Sasuke's friend from a young age, then that would explain everything.'

Stupid Sasuke, turning wonerful women into the horrors of the earth no matter what universe tries to oppose him!

Except for Mary Sue, she only likes Sasuke after magically turning him into the greatest man on 'whatever-planet-they're-on' within the first paragraph (or less) of the story.

Remember to keep your sporks at the ready! (Attack of the Killer Mary Sue's reference.)

Ja ne,
8/14/2010 c8 3Reishin Amara
u know,as narutos way of killing Hiashi whos a total asshole...i got a good idea u could use for that one(since i assume Hanabi is a branch member and such)

Hiashi and the hyuuga elders basically walk into the room to have a meeting,but when they turn the lights on,the find hinata who looks to be at full term pregnancy.Infact,shes basically filled and stuffed to the brim with paperbombs...the result..one big exploding bitch.LOL bye bye assholes.

And best part is Hanabi and branch family are free is main house goes boom! Which accomplishes alot...


Bitch Hinata is dead.

Main Family of the hyuuga clan is dead making Birdcage seal useless

Branch family may now betray konoha and join Yahiko and gang.

and finally...

Hmmm..who WOULD u pair Hanabi and Neji with?o.O

Hanabi x Ranmaru is one im plannin to attempt,but wouldnt be bad for u to try either.
8/3/2010 c7 1MariaSabaku
Aww, some NaruSaku, how cute! :] I love this couple!
8/2/2010 c7 Guest
Aww, Naruto and Sakura are so cute. Lol, i can't wait to see Hinata's infatuation with Naruto and Sakura's jealous side. That'd be cool. Naruto rocks, sasuke sucks ass.
8/2/2010 c7 2crazyefra
Good chapter, your Hinata has a combination of Azula and Toph from Avatar. Idk if it's a coincidence or just me. You are doing a fine job :D.
7/24/2010 c6 SwitchMagic
i'm actualy intrested how you will make the pairing play out...
7/14/2010 c5 9Slicerness
a little on the boring side but that's mostly cuz i'm not really a fan of side stories.
7/12/2010 c5 6ManateeFace
this is good update soon :)
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