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4/1/2012 c34 Jordon
Sequel huh? I suppose it wouldn't be that bad if we don't get the same one-sided story as this one was. The last couple of chapters were too little too late for this one to be saved. If your not going to have Naruto as a main character then don't have it labeled as such.

I don't mind having a competent Sakura that can handle herself, but please lose Naruto the Pathetic Wannabe Shinobi you portrayed him as in this one. It's like he was a civilian trying to play at being a ninja. At least don't have all those bad ass guys and gals around him. It completely discredits you as a writer to have him nerfed as you did even with all the badassery that surrounded him.
4/1/2012 c34 Alexzander95
I say it should be War of Fire sounds better than Wrath of War
4/1/2012 c34 18alichaSxS
oh god

oh god

oh god!

i cant wait for what happens next!

oh god!

this is so much!

my body has so many feeeeeelings about this!

i love this piece of art!

i really love it!
4/1/2012 c34 3saveme57
its a very good thing minto sacrificed his soul to put the kyubi in naruto otherwise konoha would steamrole their enemies. Higure may not be able to defect but if he sends sakura and her team to akatsuki danzo looses his greates source of blackmail and all higure has to do then is find the corpses of his fallen temmates and burn them till all that remains are ashes which he can scater to the winds letting them rest in peace. Granted he'll probably be killed in the process but sakura is old enough to take care of herself if she's out of konoha and with akatsuki plus he'd be dealing a major blow to danzo and honoring the memory of his teammates and sakura's parents.
4/1/2012 c31 Jordon
Yay, Princess Naruto was saved. (ー_ー)
4/1/2012 c34 5Micheal the Archangel
Wow...this was the lastthimg I expected to see. This was quitethe ending to things. I must congratulate you on how well things have turned out. Though Eanzomks seriously starting to loss me off. You know if Higure really wants to defect then all he needs to do is get the bodies/DNA of his teammates away from da so and orochimaru...and I know just how to do that. A certain masked man comes to higure while Sakura is sleeping and mockingly jokes that she reminds him of her mother, and how naruto is the splitting image of his parents also. Then wonders how children between naruto and Sakura would look. Higure goes to move but the masked man holds his hands right above Sakura. He tells him he is here just to make a deal. He retrieves his friends from orochimaru and helps him and his niece escape from konoha...in exchange he will keep tabs on the akatsuki for him, and a special eye on naruto.

Also I'm wondering what happened to kiriya. Hopefully the team didn't forget him in snow. Because emotionless as he may be, he'd be a tad irritated at being left in the snow like that, lol. Though he'd probably just laugh and move past it. Chances are next time he sees naruto he'll tells him he's sorry and it wasnt personal, but they couldn't risk him leaving. Then he'd probably make a comment about how ironic it was for him to fall in love with Sakura of all people, before disappearing into shadows.

Orochimaru...that worthless snake, after seeing what lanugo can do all I can say is that orochimaru ain't the top snake anymore. He's just a whipped dog who's blind ambitions will destroy him. And by the time he realizes this he'll be on his back in a pool

Of blood as Tobi walks right over him without even a glance.

Something tells me that konoha isn't the only one who has their hands on Edo Tensei. Tobi probably has it stashed away somewhere, with saizo and many other mega power houses atthe ready against whatever the leaf has. And added his army of zetsu's and the union dancing to his tune, he's got quite the military power. Now all he needs is naruto, and he'll have everything he needs for his plans to move along.

Anyway I cannot wait for the sequel so I hope to see it up and running as soon as possible.

Keep up the good work, Oh and War of Fires works well
4/1/2012 c34 2maliousdei
Great job and a good way to wrap up this part of the story. But I have to ask. With the recent events in the manga, are you still a fan of narusaku and do you still think it can happen? As for me, I'm sticking with it to the end, but I want to know where you stand with it. Break a leg on your future projects!
1/28/2012 c33 the.curri.of.life16
Loved the chapter can't wait for the next one and the sequel lol. I want Sakura and her uncle to join the akaski ( is that spelled right?). I liked that Izumi joined the akaski :). Can't wait to read more and update soon!
1/10/2012 c33 shadowofdestrution
great chapter just inching to read the next one !
1/2/2012 c33 9-tailed reaper
all i can say is that I cant wait for more
1/1/2012 c33 18alichaSxS
i loooooooooooooooooove your fic!1

i love it i love it i love it!

i can´t wait for the next chap!

god, i love the way you put Sakura, she´s so bad-ass but not a Mary-sue, i like that!
1/1/2012 c33 Gohan Videl fan 489
the title so fits with this chapter as soon the storm will hit and then well everyone is fucked.
1/1/2012 c33 Saiyan Videl fan 99
Whoa good idea on this chapter as I know most readers never saw it coming I know didn't
1/1/2012 c33 dragonball z fan 300
OMG things are not looking good I also think that Ino's dad id dead or she would be with him I hope we read her back story soon.
1/1/2012 c33 Sakura fan 55
Damn please do not stop I want to read this right till the end.
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