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6/2/2016 c14 bookygurl3400
Growing on trees, eh? Hm... BTW, how's your little bro? I'll bet he's in school, if not this (2015-2016) year then next year. Hmmm? Well, either way, you should update this amazing piece of work soon, m'kay?
6/2/2016 c10 bookygurl3400
I like Immortal Dove Lord. You should use that in later chapters. I don't care how (probably Briar, though), just do it. Please. This is WAY too good to go to waste.
12/2/2014 c14 1hjm52
I love it! U gotta finish it you gotta!
11/9/2014 c14 b00kworm93
This story is very good the characters are just right.
12/14/2013 c14 31TrisanaChandler13
I love this story! It is the best crossover fic for Harry Potter and Circle of Magic that I have ever read! Pleas, pleas, please post another chapter soon. Are the Circle going recover their memories and how is the age thing going to work? Are they going to grow up over night? Stay in Britain until they are the same age as they were post WoTP?
11/28/2013 c14 Little Chibi
Yay! Update!
9/29/2013 c14 10deathstalker982
i think that they didn't mention any female centaurs in the harry potter books is because it is a kids book series and centaurs don't wear clothes
9/5/2013 c14 Ellen127
Yay! Words have appeared! I'm getting quite excited for the look on Umbridges' face when the circle guys show who they really are (just assuming that will happen at some point, and if it doesn't, that's what imagination is for :)) I have to say though, funniest part was the centaur foetus growing on trees haha
9/4/2013 c14 1SmartBlondes
:) Good job, I can't wait for more! I laughed at the repeat of Harry's line to Tris back at him. I think there'd have to be female centaurs, but they couldn't be in the book, because it's a kid's book and I don't think the centaurs would wear clothes over their human parts, especially not to make humans more comfortable when seeing them, since they don't like humans and wouldn't come across them too much anyway. And I have more to say about the centaurs, but I've spent more time musing about that than actually reviewing the chapter, so I'll stop. I wonder what Briar and Tris (and Sandry and Daja, if they were listening/talking) thought of Harry, and him following Tris? I also wonder how the Circle will like flying :) It'll be good to see what happens next :)
9/4/2013 c14 3Avatar of Wurms
"about any other Slytherin he knew"
Although really Harry, who in Slytherin do you actually know other than Malfoy and Snape?

Both. Definitely both.

The lack of centuarets(?) always bugged me to.

I would like to close with the fact getting an update of this is a fantastic way to brighten up the otherwise dreariness that is Wednesday.
9/4/2013 c14 2Uncreativenamethinker
This is a great chapter! I loved the banter between Briar and Tris. Harry felt very true to character in this chapter and I'm glad he figured out not to baby the circle. I can't wait for the next chapter!
6/19/2013 c11 Guest
I'd definitely read either of the stories about Tobe, if you haven't written them already...
6/19/2013 c13 Guest
YAY! NEW CHAPTERS! I'd just about given up on this story, but when I searched it today I was SO excited to find updates! Please, continue, this is the best CoM/HP crossover I've ever read. I'm looking forward to a scene with Briar in the greenhouse... maybe with Umbridge there too? Keep up the good work!
2/19/2013 c1 7bookchomper101
Could you please please please please update soon!? Your story is sooooo good! I've been checking every day to see of it updated!
2/2/2013 c13 7Slave to my Pen
I'm sooooo pleased this story has been updated! I cannot wait for more, and I can only hope it will come soon.
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