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7/26 c2 AMurder0fCrows
the stories long but the writing lacks life. it's like I'm watching actors in my head act out scenes. it's not real. for that reason... I'm out
7/19 c23 brachiosaurus
hoping you'd return one day
7/10 c23 Kingkong101
The story made no sense from the very beginning
6/23 c23 luke.lindenfelser1
This good story
5/10 c23 Guest
“I promise to update more often” - 2018 KEKW
4/5 c23 Uday Sra
3/17 c6 Ahmed Maged
Nothing change?
3/17 c2 Ahmed Maged
How the fuck is he still trusting the old man?
3/7 c23 ManticoreBlues
oh yeah loved the fanfic so even if you don't continue still really good
3/7 c23 ManticoreBlues
can you continue or make a continuation, I'd love to see the after effects and what Naruto does or even see Naruto start traveling the universe and get mixed in with the star wars movies
1/29 c4 tims7265
what do you speak basic
1/20 c14 Sly-carrots
Now that was an epic chapter
1/6 c23 Dawood Saqlain
I loved this story
actually I love all stories in which Naruto isn't a idiot
truly loved this ,
please make more and end this one
want to see how it all ends
1/4 c23 jtscores
12/23/2019 c23 Guest
Great story.
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