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11/18/2015 c4 XxgirlblunderxX
Please hurry up n update ud think that two people would have been able to finish a story by now :\
11/18/2015 c1 XxgirlblunderxX
U sure this aint after Tgb?
12/15/2014 c1 Guest
Awesome write more!
12/11/2014 c4 faith
i think vlad should go to...um...well you put your self into called FAN fiction for a reason. :)
12/11/2014 c3 faith
alot better:)
12/11/2014 c2 faith
i like how its a cliff hanger but it needs to be alot longer
12/13/2013 c4 YWotB
Shame you neer continued this! This is one of the actually bearable stories in the entire fandom! I hope to see more. _
8/12/2011 c4 15servant of matryoshka
12/31/2010 c4 Fangs101xx
Hey, I was really starting to enjoy this story then you ended it, please continue cause I noticed you hadn't updated in a while. Your fan fangs101xx a.k.a Thalia
12/5/2010 c4 2PandasWithBazookas
Hey I reviewed before as the random person but I have account now. *whines like a little kid* when are you updating? This is an amazing fic. So in the name of speckled armadillos I demand you to update soon! Please?
12/4/2010 c4 3Hartanna
Maybe he could go to Sprat? O^O I always have loved that little squirt. Or maybe he could go to chillax at the Crypt! And then! And then! And then maybe Vlad could snap and then something could go down with him and Kristoff? Don't know. I'm just throwing stuff out there. And I'm so happy you're finally reading the books! :D I got the newest book the day it came out. And it's autographed by Auntie! Yayz! Oh! And your story kicks ass.
10/28/2010 c1 1Sasu-Sama' Sarukiji-Sempai
9/27/2010 c4 5KimPerve

It's 4:30 AM and I'm SUGA HIGH!

no, not really.

just a book report that im procrastinating on.

other than that...


And I understand your busy-ness, Shorty.



9/22/2010 c4 1ScarletReid
LOVE IT! I have the book and I'm reading it right now also:)
9/21/2010 c4 The random person
Vlad goes to New York! Why? Because the V Bar and Enrico is there! Since Enrico created Dorain Vlad will probably thinks Enrico knows something about the prophecy. He should also tell Enrico his son died. Okay I hope you can use this! So anywho update soon please!
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