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12/10/2012 c1 chantelle
I wove jamie
9/30/2012 c3 2BeautifulDesertFoxglove
Heh,I guessed that Mercy was really that rosette that slut is not pretty no matter how long her mutant hair is.
7/26/2012 c11 sasodei luva
6/26/2010 c11 3Dead Nagato Russ
so what will happen to Deidara's wigs and his and Sasori children?

alot of '?' makes. yay i like the story! so is wich twin is wich. i cant tell if Wish is the boy or the girl and Talory is the girl or the boy?

From DeidaraBlondeFox
6/20/2010 c11 10Blood Drenched Scorpion
Cool, they're having kids... Uh..., not much to say here; I'm glad that pink-haied bitch is dead.
6/20/2010 c11 2Oh-So-Passionate
There is a lot of spelling mistakes, like

angle = angel & through= throat

just stuff like that, I think there only like that

because our rushing? But there barely noticeable, ha really I only caught them because im still in school mode(Kinda,Go Summer! XD)

but still the plot and story is a beautiful as ever all four chapters that were added =)

I love this story! nya.!

-Passion *
6/20/2010 c10 10Blood Drenched Scorpion
Bwahaha! All shall fear and bow down to the scorpion that is Sasori!...~ ahem, lost myself there. Sasori + EVIL = Totally cool teen-like demon hottie.
6/19/2010 c8 Blood Drenched Scorpion
Love the violent, animalistic Sasori giving his uke some rough love-making.
6/19/2010 c9 7mistresssasori
How come I can reveiw my own story but fanficion wont let my favret it? HOW IS THAT FAIR?

Also, please go to my profile and vote on the gender of Dei's baby. thank you.
6/11/2010 c1 shadowdolls
*jaw drops* oh shitz! awesome poem dude! seriously i was like wow!
6/10/2010 c7 10Blood Drenched Scorpion
Oh, seems like my guess is wrong huh? Haha, update soon!
6/9/2010 c7 2Oh-So-Passionate
Your Updating Really Fast With These Chapters.! ^^"

I Really Love This Story So Far.

6/9/2010 c6 10Blood Drenched Scorpion
Yeah, somehow I saw mpreg coming into this story...
6/7/2010 c5 Blood Drenched Scorpion
Whew! Saved by the scorpion dude.
6/7/2010 c4 Blood Drenched Scorpion
oh shit. The situation looks really bad now. Arghh! Go to hell mercy! Leave Sasori alone! Update this story k?
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