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9/17 c28 eliacullen
un poco larga la historia... pero es gustó mucho
8/24 c22 Guest
He fights dirty
8/5 c28 cathryne37
I stumbled upon this many years late, but just loved it. Thanks for such a fun story. Is it too late to ask for a prequel of when Bella and Ja and the Whitlocks first met? Mama is a hoot and I am a Texan!
6/21 c28 nzjojo
A wonderful ending to a fabulous story. Thank you so much for sharing your words for us all to read - I loved it :)
6/12 c28 7Mcc101180
Fantastic story.

When the anniversary post appeared on FB a few weeks back, I wasn't absolutely certain that this was one I'd read in its entirety, and I think it maybe was just the last chapter I hadn't read because I recall the beginning very clearly, and up until the interrogation by Mama Whitlock in ch 25.

I just spent the last day or so re-reading this and loving every minute. From the very first meeting with Bella flipping him off, and him calling her distracting, to their arrangement of no-strings attached (because that always goes so well) to her calling him Ned because she absolutely refuses to shout of Mr. Cullen in the throes of passion and his ensuing reaction to being called that. His impeccable manners. His shouting out Stella when he's drunk and trying to win her back. Her spectacular ass. Her learning that you can't keep running. The hilarity of her inner monologue. The heartclenching feeling as she fell for him and tried to deny it and then when she admitted it and walked away without him having the chance to say a word. His keeping her in the dark and making me want to throw things. The fake engagement and the games that needed to be played (in his opinion) to catch James and keep his family safe. Jake and his BS. How Bella wasn't some damsel in distress, some princess, that needed saving because she has all she needs to save herself.

In the end, they were able to cut down to the heart of their issues, both of them taking responsibility for their part in what kept them separated, the mistakes they individually made, and consciously decide to move forward together.

Ned and Stella's tale was an epic one, and they headed off into the sunset beautifully.

Thank you for sharing - Mel
4/16 c28 Ivy Pattinson
Such a beautiful story. I laughed, got pissed and cried. I loved them throughout this crazy ride. Thank you, thank you for sharing them with us!
4/16 c27 Ivy Pattinson
A million times yes!
4/16 c26 Ivy Pattinson
Edward sure has her figured out. He's a smart man haha
4/16 c25 Ivy Pattinson
The happiness in my heart. *sigh*
4/16 c24 Ivy Pattinson
I loved this whole chapter and they better buckle up Momma don't play hahaha
4/16 c23 Ivy Pattinson
Finally I thought I might die hahaha. I haven't mentioned how much I love you? Well I do, you're fucking amazing. They are amazing and I love them too *sigh*
4/16 c22 Ivy Pattinson
Haha I love him.
4/16 c21 Ivy Pattinson
4/16 c20 Ivy Pattinson
Ok, ok this is starting to mend my heart a little lol
4/16 c19 Ivy Pattinson
Yes, thank God he remembers! You're kill me here!
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