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for There She Once Was

1/1/2011 c8 1SexySlimGoody
More! More! More! Needs to be fluffier. But all in all absolutely magnificent! Great story! I have to admitt tho, Tundra's the best character in the story XD
6/22/2010 c6 1hansrach
I love the name of the chapter, it totaly fits. And I love this story, but your making it too easy on them. I think a twist should be in the near future. Oh, and FYI I did not hide tea from you. I was just misinformed about the supply of tea we owned! No need to tell the whole world! Now you have to do something for me... what shale it be?
6/1/2010 c2 1Coco-Chip-Cookie
D'awww... clifhanger! At least, I think so...:P

Nice Chapter, I really like your way of writing, I envy you...

And poor Tundra, He(or she) will be scarred for life.:P

Hope to read more soon!

your personal stalker for this story
5/31/2010 c2 3olivetreesgrow
this is such a good story please write more!
5/31/2010 c1 1Coco-Chip-Cookie

Awesome story, I love the dog already, I wanna have a dog like Tundra!

I hope you write more soon!
5/31/2010 c1 3BillieJean2925
Hey! I hadn't realised thath the original had finished. Then this story said "The Sequel" and I was like "WHAT?" Then it clicked - a cliffhanger. Right.

I always thought that my favourite character would always be Willy Wonka, but Tundra kicks some serious butt! :)

Anywho, keep this story going please!

BillieJean2925 xXx

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