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6/23/2013 c21 Spikesagitta
I was wondering when we would get to Paradise Fall.
6/23/2013 c19 Spikesagitta
I have to say, your fallout fic is turning into one of the darkest story I ever read.
6/23/2013 c17 Spikesagitta
Well, I didn't expect to read het sex to be honest.
6/23/2013 c16 Spikesagitta
Well, I can't blame her much. Things haven't been going well for her.
6/23/2013 c15 Spikesagitta
I wished I had the good sense to stop following Moira quest. I actually finish the darn thing.
6/23/2013 c13 Spikesagitta
You idiot. Just run. You should have run.
6/23/2013 c12 Spikesagitta
Well Silver still dead. Oh well, who cares about that backstabber.
6/23/2013 c10 Spikesagitta
Pretty harsh wake up call for someone that spend their whole life safe in a Vault.
6/23/2013 c8 Spikesagitta
Yes! Normally I'm against killing woman...but Silver totally deserve that.
6/23/2013 c6 Spikesagitta
Amata sure went mad with her hunger for power.
6/23/2013 c4 Spikesagitta
Wow. Amata really came off as a bitch in your story. Damn.
6/14/2013 c39 SteveHG
At last! Finished...
Firstly, thank you for a couple of weeks of excellent entertainment, I've enjoyed it immensely. It's got my days off to rollicking start. Except for the chapters featuring sexual interludes - trying to concentrate on coding after something like that is difficult :-)
I started reading this because I loved Fallout3 and NV, but by the end I was reading it without much reference to the game universe at all, and it stands up well as a narrative by itself. Your characters evoke genuine emotion - I find I can't agree with your assessment of Jericho as 'not entirely a rogue', to me thats exactly what he was, selfish, fixated and completely lacking in conscience. That in my opinion is what good characters are all about - I will read them probably very differently from how you envisaged them in your own mind. Arta herself I ended up not liking either - she starts out just trying to survive and ends up triggering a chain of events that she then walks away from to follow her own star, knowing exactly how it will in all likelihood end. She knows Katrina will revert to type - she knows first hand where blind faith leads. In her own way she is also selfish, flawed - and human. I did find her ability to rapidly move on past some of Jericho's actions ( particularly the killing of Sarah Lyons ) was hard to accept.
I'm not going to begin to talk about writing style or unlikely events or stuff like that ( I'm still trying to figure out what happened on the bridge with Burke ), I read it to the end, I enjoyed it and that says enough.
I will say that the underlying theme of sex was a bit OTT - I know that was the thread that tied your characters together ( there's not much to do in the Wasteland except kill things and screw :-) ) and I like a good sex scene as much as anyone - I just felt that in a few places it was just there to be salacious... just how it struck me. And the first encounter between Arta and Jericho just had me laughing and going 'Eeeeewwww...' - oral sex with someone who's had the same pants on for a week and won't go near irradiated water... I've always had a problem with suspension of disbelief LOL. Then again I suppose the whiskey and cigs would have killed his taste buds long ago.

Once again, a great read, thanks. I'll definitely be revisiting your other work. Peace,
6/5/2013 c27 SteveHG
Doh... and there's me thinking she's named for Trinny and Susannah...
5/28/2013 c16 SteveHG
She'll shoot the deputy, and swear it was self-defence.
I wasn't expecting her to turn nasty that quickly - interesting character development...

Combat description is a bit jerky, and some of the dialogue seems contrived, but doesn't detract from a good story :-) Reading on...
5/22/2013 c3 SteveHG
Yep, definitely hooked. I'll necessarily take a while to read this, I read before starting work in the morning, so a couple of chapters a day. I may pop up a review now and again, though I much prefer to review a whole work rather than chapters, but so far it's an interesting read.
You're not far off with the 50's culture analogy - the repression of the 50's morphed fairly rapidly into the 60's after the Vietnam watershed, looking at the vault as a microcosm of that is probably pretty accurate.
Manchester UK - small world, large Internet :-)
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